Our 2013-14 duck season so far

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    DSCF7498.JPG DSCF7519.JPG nisqually opener2013.jpg imagejpeg_2 (1).jpg imagejpeg_3 (1).jpg imagejpeg_5.jpg G0010005.JPG IMG_2434.JPG IMG_2436.JPG IMG_2445.JPG IMG_2461.JPG IMG_2464.JPG IMG_2473.JPG IMG_2507.JPG IMG_2511.JPG G0020036.JPG You know as the season goes on you kind of forget about all the great hunts and the amazing memory's you have made so far just in this season alone. Until you go back and pull up all the photos, they are almost forgotten. This was our first season with the UFO layout boat and it has just been a blast, has totally changed the way we hunt, where we go, and has forced us to learn so much by trial and error. Watching my little brother hunt and shoot for the first time has just been sometimes more exciting watching him then hunting myself. He's been a true deadeye at shooting ducks. Hope you guys enjoy these photos. Just a couple of them are the same birds. Almost all of them are different hunts. Will have a Gopro compilation video soon of all our hunts from this season so far. Have been slacking on using the cameras when out hunting. Would like to see some of your guys photos as well.
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    Great post and pics! Way to get your boys out and show them the joys of shooting dinner!

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    That's pretty sweet, man.
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    Good job man! Did you face paint your chessie?
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    Fear the beard...:cool:
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    Yes I did! and thanks everyone
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    Sweet pics. Love the Chessie!