Our new flyshop is now open in Bellingham

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Rick Todd, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. boxcar Scott Willison

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    Absolutely Ken. We have both. I know that 540 Skagit compact and 5x are the cornerstones of your chironomid rig. Thanks to all who've come by so far and to those of you we hope to meet.

    Ed's probably cooler than I am. ;)
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  2. Topstoy Member

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    Great news, once Scott C. closed up H&H, I've been at a loss. Will check out the new shop next week when I'm back in town.
  3. aaronk Member

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    Congrats and best of luck! Thanks again for the time spent getting me set up with the rod and reel Ed!
  4. Nooksack Mac Active Member

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    I just got back from there, where some of the members of the 4th Corner Fly Fishers were schmoozing. I picked up a Skagit head, just what I was looking for. It's the Confluence Fly Shop, in Suite 9, 2620 No. Harbor Loop Drive. Phone: (360)224-4043. Tuesday - Saturday, 11-6 (open to 7 p.m. on Thursday). They're probably going to be a WFF sponsor.
  5. Rick Todd Active Member

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    With all the schmoozing going on, I wonder if Scott and Ed will ever get all the fly bins stocked! It is a great place to hang out with fellow fly fishers!
  6. jonbackman Member

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    Stopped by the new shop today. Technically they're closed on Mondays, but Ed was inside and he welcomed me right in. We talked for awhile; he's got a great amount of knowledge and enthusiasm for wild fish, conservation and fly fishing in general. I was happy to pick up a new reel I've had my eyes on lately while I was there, and I plan to keep shopping there in the future. Congratulations Ed and Scott, and THANK YOU for opening a quality shop in Bellingham!
  7. BT New Member

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    Ya Hooo! This is great news... I've been outta touch lately after the birth of my daughter last year. I'll swing by tomorrow at lunch!
  8. Joe Dirt Member

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    That's Great Ill Stop by
  9. D.B. New Member

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    I guess "Bellingham Fly Fishing Shop" downtown c. 1988 - 1991 is long forgotten. Lost in Whatcom County angling history with characters like Dick Van Demark, Ralph Wahl and Harold Jellison. Those were the good old pre-RRT it days. I wish the new brick & mortar shop success in our sit-at-home-in-your underwear and order on-line society.
  10. Chris Johnson Member: Native Fish Society

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    Where was the "Bellingham Fly Fishing Shop" located?
  11. hookedonthefly Active Member

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    Thank you for the well wishes!

    If you stop by, you will find a framed shadow box behind the counter which was created by Jack Salstrom. The shadow box includes a a black and white picture of Ralph in his basement along with his flies tied by Jack including the Painted Lady, Lady Godiva, Winter Fly, Lord Hamilton, Lady Godiva, Wahl Flower and Lady Hamilton. The "judge" Ralph fished with comes up regularly as well.

    Much of Bill McMillan's summer run data came from Ralph's notes. We have the good fortune of getting to hang out with Bill now and then also. We'll have copies of Bill's relatively new book, "May the Rivers Never Sleep" which he'll be coming up to sign in May. He'll gladly sign "Dry Line Steelhead and Other Topics" if you have a copy.

    Dick Van Demark came up in conversation as did the "Bellingham Fly Fishing Shop" when Wayne McLemore, the last remaining founding member of the 4th Corner Flyfishers, stopped by the other day. If I understood correctly, the original downtown shop was on Commercial where the "Brandywine Kitchen" lives today.

    The history of Bellingham, Whatcom, Stillaguamish and Skagit flyfishing is not forgotten; and, we hope to help ensure that it never is.
  12. HauntedByWaters Active Member

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    Pretty sure it was on Cornwall right downtown. I have fuzzy memories of than being such a young buck. My dad and I went in that place for some flies for a lake fishing trip in Kamlooooooooooooooops.

    Will check out the shop soon. My life is a tornado of work and grad school right now but I can vouch for Scott and Ed, both good guys who can fish almost as well as me. ;)

    Hey Scott, now that you are a part owner of a fly shop let me know when you are selling your Curado and Loomis float rod. I get a paycheck soon. Lol.
  13. hookedonthefly Active Member

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    You no longer have to go to Yeagers'. Scott and I brought in some smelly jelly just for you. Smelly jelly and Intruders.....Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Look forward to seeing you!
  14. D.B. New Member

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    I am so glad to hear about your appreciation of our history. It is really important. I was the owner of B'ham Fly Shop. Commercial St. is correct. Early Sage and Ross dealer. Ralph and Dick were my close friends and mentors. Ralph used to take walks with me downtown. He was pretty spry into his eighties. Ralph and I both belonged to the Northwest Outdoor Writers' Association and I recall our many long talks while driving to Washington Fly Club meetings. He was a pivotal influence when I became involved with the writing and photography profession. I filled-out his last fishing license, interestingly for a short trip with Dick to Silver Lake. They floated around for a while in Ralph's vintage Pen-Yan wood boat. Two of the best anglers ever - skunked! Jack can tell you about many interesting summer trips with Dick in BC. Rick Hafele can, I am sure, relate some funny Van Demark stories. I have dozens. Shangri-La, Mystery Lake and local secrets - most were eventually revealed to me in confidence which I honor (well almost) to this day. Hope to visit soon. Again, good luck guys! Danny Homel
  15. Nooksack Mac Active Member

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    The Bellingham Fly Shop was on N. Commercial Street, a few doors down from the Bellingham Towers. Owned and operated by Dan Homel, who wrote several books on vintage fly fishing tackle.

    Welcome home, Dan.
  16. D.B. New Member

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    Hi Wayne,
    I have actually been a member of this forum for years - just never had the inclination to post anything. Never too late I guess. Danny
  17. D.B. New Member

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    And Wayne "the last remaining founding member of 4CFF" makes you sound something like 147 years old. We are not nearly that old!
  18. D.B. New Member

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    Just realized I changed the subject of the original post. Sorry, enough said. Great to have a fly shop in Bellingham again.
  19. Camo Clad Warrior Member

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    Stopped by the shop this last week..... Great group of guys and they are even welcoming to us stillwater dudes. Also thanks for the info on the 4 corners fly club we are gonna check out the next meeting. Hopefully we can meet some wff members there.
  20. Josh dead in the water

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    I highly doubt that there is a single member of the bham crew who minds hearing a little more history. I know I don't.