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  1. Got a few hours to myself today, so I headed out to a lake near the house. Fished for only three hours, but hooked into three fish. I was only able to get two of them into my net. It was a pretty good day.. I am sure the pictures will give away which lake I was at.. Weather was awesome, the lake was like glass the whole time I was on it..

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  2. Dark fish, but beautiful! Always nice to hit fish.
  3. Nice. Will have to make a run down in the near future.
  4. Glad you found time to sneak out. These flat calm days are rare in January. Yesterday was flat calm on Whidbey as well. I finally got out at 3:30 and fished until dark. Leach 2 feet up in15 feet of water got me a couple fish.

    What fly/technique did you use yesterday?

    Thanks for the report and pictures
  5. Geez... wish I had a trout lake nearby. I have close access to private farm lakes for bass but there's a reason they call them warm water fish.
  6. I was using in a two fly setup. I tied the flies my self so they are really nothing special. But I was wondering..... I caught the fish in very different parts of the lake. I never got a hit in the same place after hooking a fish. Is this typical? I usually just paddle around pulling flies behind me when I'm on my pontoon, this time I was hanging my flies below a float letting it sit there a few minutes and then recasting it to a slightly different location.
  7. James, if you have more than one complete rod/reel/line setups rigged ( I usually have at least three different configurations), then you quickly can swap over to whichever one is better for the type of presentation you want.
    I sometimes even have two complete setups rigged with clear intermediate lines. One is rigged for trolling, where I might use a two fly rig, and one is rigged for casting, with only one fly, since I don't like to cast more than one fly at a time.

    I like to be able to cast and retrieve along or over dropoffs, and also cast to the shoreline. Sometimes I'll just anchor in an area and fan casts all around my boat.
    I have yet to get into fishing with an indicator. I just don't like casting indicator rigs.

    My casting arm should be healed and back in shape before Spring gets here. I will have to avoid fishing with anything bigger than a 4 wt for the next couple of months. Steelheading is out.
    Beach fishing and lake fishing are what I'll be looking at.
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  8. It is typical for this time of year. The trout are swimming around searching for something to eat so unless there is a hatch at a specific spot on the lake, the fish need to keep on the move. This is especially true for smaller lakes.
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  9. Yes, I have found this to be true, especially in a lake I like to fish in the Fall (usually into Dec, not so much in the Winter), and then again in early Spring. Narwhalsawzall Lake has few hatches going on this time of year, and it isn't the buggiest of lakes anyway. It does have crawdads, some fry, sculpins, and maybe sticklebacks, a few dragon nymphs, scuds, and aquatic salamanders, so I'll be fishing large, meaty offerings there, and moving around a lot.

    And then sometimes the trout just don't seem to be feeding for a spell, and then suddenly you start getting takes again.

  10. There are springs in that lake. I don't know where they are, but those that have found them do very well out there.

    This time of year I'd hang some red san juan worms a few feet off the bottom under an indicator.

  11. There's springs in Narwhalsawzall, too, but I haven't found 'em yet. I'll need to get a thermometer and plumb some spots.
  12. Springs?? I was out just floating around.. I've been thinking about getting a fish finder to help me out on these lakes but not sure if it would be worth it..
  13. Hard to say if it would be or not.......so maybe you should invite me to go with you, and I can paddle around in my kayak and give you some temperature and depth readings from my sonar; oh, and....I might just do a little fishing too. Just sayin'. :)
  14. A spring will be the coolest and most oxygenated location on a lake during the summer months. Trout and other fish will hold over itlike a magnet.

    Nice panorama too by the way..
  15. I am hoping that the rest of my frame to my pontoon gets delivered buy the end of the week.. If it does and the weather holds out I will be heading back out there again.
  16. Keep me posted! My trailer and kayak and I are always looking for an excuse to fish.
  17. If there's a boat launch there, I'd be happy to invite you aboard my Clackacraft.
  18. Yes there is a boat launch. And so long as the weather isn't crazy I will be heading there this weekend. But if the forecasted wind picks up my pontoon will get blown all over the place. For some reason the wind like to funnel on the water there.. Just for kicks, anyone see the Wynoochee River? Heard it may be blown out..
  19. Other than knowing the depth a fish finder is not much help on lakes as shallow as the one in this post. Givin that most finders have about a 10 degree viewing cone in water depths of 15' (max depth I have found on said lake) your viewing area on the bottom is quite small. (@3ft) Personally I only use my fish finder on new bodies of water and really only to give myself an idea of the depth and not to locate fish. All and all a semi useful tool but not something you will need often unless you fish alot of new lakes.
  20. I have no real idea how deep the lake is.. I've heard 20-25 feet. I was using a 9ft leader + a foot of floro + fly + foot of more floro and then second fly. Adjusting my float until I got hits.. Come on good weather!! After the Thubderbirds hockey game I will be tying a few flies for this weekend

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