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  1. I went up to the Beaverhead today to toss a few flies around. But before I did that I drove up to the closed section for a look see. The sun was shining bright and the water was low. I watched the fish swimming around.. They were all about 20 inches or bigger. It reminded me of the way the Steelhead used to swim around when they were plentiful in Washington. There was a few browns in there also. But they could of been Whitefish as they seem to be making a comeback in this river and are quite good sized. By the time it opens in the spring the underwater growth will be in bloom and the fish will be hard to spot.

    I only fished for a little while as my heart wasn't in it. Seeing those fish made me wish for spring.
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  2. I don't think the fish like me this year. I was up at the same spot again and nothing. I always seemed to catch a few there. But this year, nothing. I tried soft hackles, SJW, Scuds, emergers, Even threw a WB at them. Nothing.

    It makes you almost feel like quitting. NOT. But I was out on the river. So that was something. The weather was in the high 40's and the sun was out with a little wind. You would thing that some bugs would be out and about. I'm going to have to rethink my attack on them fish.
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  3. That's why they call it fishing, not catching. :)

    By the way, CC seems to be filling nicely and snowpack's a lot better than last year


    Hopefully, it'll be a good water year for you.

  4. Hopefully we can make up for the unfishable salmonfly and green drake hatches with really good late summer fishing.
  5. So the beaverhead was clear? I'm planning a trip to northwest montana for this weekend and it sounds from the websites I've looked at that most of the rivers are already high and muddy due to early runoff....sounds like you're in the right area!

  6. E-mail me your address & I'll send you a late b-day present of some new flies to try,really i'm running out of boxes to put them in,its been a long rainy winter!
  7. It is something only if you wanted to go stand in a river. I fish to catch fish, not to "just get out". If I'm not catching fish, I'm not a happy camper. If I want to "get out" I'll take a hike in a forest or go stand in a river.

    I'm odd like that. I honestly expect to catch fish when I go fishing.

    If I don't, the whole danged trip was a failure... unless a good breakfast was involved -- at least there's always that ... but happy "just to get out" when I get skunked?.. I don't think so :p
  8. I'll start a conversation with you. It's like a PM only it's a different title.

  9. I just don't understand these charts. I look up at the mountains every day and there just isn't that much snow up there. I live in a bowl with the Blacktail range, Ruby, Tobacco root, Highland, and Pioneer mountains around here.

    The mountains above 10,000 feet have lots of snow but that's normal for them. I just don't see where the snow pack is that wet.
  10. Yes. But Grasshopper creek is throwing some mud into it.. Beaverhead is a tail water so it's mostly clear and steady except in the summer time when they release water for the farmers and ranchers.

  11. aaah, a tailwater, makes sense. still sounds nice though..

  12. I don't stand in the river. I haven't waded any skinny water in about two years. I can fish from the bank and don't have to get wet, unless I want to, to cool off. And at my age, just getting out is a bonus.
  13. I don't get these charts either. It's showing most of Washington at 90-109% normal snowpack. What are they calling normal, because there hasn't been crap for snow in the mountains around here.

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