Outcast Commander review

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Flyborg, Jul 13, 2012.

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    BDD is probable more qualified to aqnswer this question but:
    You are correct in stating rivers are rated not boats. A manufacturer can put whatever weight capacity and "whitewater" rating on it he wants. It is my contention that it is irresponsible advertising. Invariably some novice is going to load a frameless inflatable to the maximum rating, and then take it down some really difficult whitewater river and get himself killed, all because "it said it was rated".
    Buyer Beware!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    Thanks for the clarification, as a professional rafting guide, I can give you my opinion.
    So I agree that calling any boat a class 4 and up rating is irresponsible in that implys that a novice could tackle class 4 with it.
    It should be said that the paddler that can be rated and not so much the boat.
    Any higher than this requires scouting and river reading skills. Class 4 implies that there are serious dangers if
    you take the wrong approach.
    All this said if you have the skill AND some back up ...ie another boat at least ...you can use any boat to run the rapids.
    Class 3 and under are safe and should you swim there will be no serious consequances .
    If I were asked to rate these boats, I would say stick to class 3 for all except the big cats with proper oar rigs which in skilled hands could navigate call 4 and above.
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    I've come to the conclusion that anyone who gives their boat a class 5 rating must do it by strapping a cage onto their boats with a family of lab rats inside and then letting it float through a class 5 rapid. If it lands upright at the bottom of the rapid and all the rats are accounted for the boat is class 5 rated. If the boat gets flipped but the rats are ok it's class 4 rated. If the boat is flipped and the cage falls off and the rats go missing or die its only class 3 rated.
  4. PT Physhicist

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    If the Commander had been out a few years ago I'd probably own one. Looks like it would do everything my WM does and a bit less expensive.
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    I love it. Absolutely hands down one of the best purchases I've ever made. It's really fun on the water, something I haven't experienced with previous watercraft. And I can't really say why-it's just enjoyable. I don't hassle with stuff like I do in a framed cat. It scoots and maneuvers like it's doing the Hokey Pokey on roller skates. The thing gets where it needs to and best of all I can just pick it up and move it past anything that looks questionable to me.

    I don't use it in winter. You will get wet in it. It's probably not the boat for multi-day trips unless you're a light packer. But for my day jaunts and after-work trips it's perfect.
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    Interesting reviews. For those of you who have one, do you carry a second/third rod and if so how does it work on the Commander? Also when you travel with it do you deflate it completely or leave it inflated and just tie it down in the bed of a pickup? I take it from the reviews that it works fine with a XXL size person? After reading this thread it looks like these craft will be a hot item for a while.
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    Well, just got the boat. Inflated it in the living room, went through some "water" very "fast" with the kiddo hanging out behind the seat, also fits the dog behind the seat. Just playing around with it in the living room, this boat is slick. I can't wait to get 'er on the water. I also picked up the K-200 pump. What a great little pump. It took me less than 10 minutes to go from sealed in the box to fully setup. I'll throw up a full review once I have a chance to play around with it on the water little bit.

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    I am anxious to read the full review...did you start a new thread?
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    what a timely post, I actually just got it out on a stillwater yesterday for a couple of hours. Once Spring rolls around, and/or I get a chance to get it on some moving waters, I'll get a more detailed review up.

    As far as stillwaters, I've never played around with a better boat (that's a pretty limited sample size, fwiw). Super fast setup (under 10 min with the K-200 pump). But the cut-out will be very useful when I use flippers. The placement of the scotty rod holder/s are just about perfect (I still need to get another one...in fact, I'll probably try the attachment that allows you to put 3 items on it...not sure how well that will work, space-wise) It's very nimble, turns on a dime, yet is really easy to paddle in a straight line (probably due to the way the oars are attached-I forget what those attachments are called). I forgot the stripping apron at home, so didn't really get to test it out, but I didn't have too many issues without it. When rowing, I did notice that I kept rubbing my knuckles on my legs (partially due to my inexperience in rowing, and partially due to having the foot pegs set too close...but regardless, I could see this being an issue even without that. So far so good....

  10. Randall Clark Active Member

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    Nearly forgot a very important piece of information. The space in the two side handles on either side of the seat makes for a perfect drink holder.
  11. Jeff Sawyer Active Member

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    Flyborg, thanks for this review.

    It was very helpful in my decision to purchase a Commander myself. I also have a tendency to labor over such decisions so I read lots of reviews but this is the best one I saw anywhere.

    I bought a commander just before Xmas and sad to say just got it in the river yesterday.

    I love it, and everything you said was spot on.

    I do have a better understanding of what all the folks who said it was a wet ride meant though. I figured if I was in waders and a wading jacket, I'd stay pretty dry, not so much...I hit a wave just right and got a face full of the Yak. A 40 degree facial on a cool morning will definitely wake you up.

    Anyway thanks again and good job with the review.
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    How big is your dog? I'm wondering if my 75 lb. lab will fit.
  13. Randall Clark Active Member

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    He's only 60 & change. if I were on water (when he was on there, it was just in my living room), he'd fit fine but he can't ever sit still...
  14. David A. Active Member

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    Thanks from me as well..:cool:

    There's no opportunity to have a look at a lot of these boats here in Australia so on-line reviews and comparisons are a big help in the decision.

    My new Commander should get here any day ..;)
  15. David A. Active Member

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    It's finally here and inflated in my living room.

    I'm impressed in general with it's performance over carpet and covered in children, but an over the water review will have to wait until the weekend..;)