Outcast Fat Cat Float Tube

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by !chawycha!, Jan 25, 2004.

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  1. Has this been sold? If not, what price are you asking for it?

  2. Thank you for your interest. The tube is not sold yet.

    I bought the Fat Cat for $299 + tax (about another $25 or so) - I would sell it for $250. I also have the Float Tube Force Fins that I bought for $130 plus tax - I will sell them for $80. http://www.forcefin.com/FF_PAGES/float_tube_catalog.html

    So, you will save more than $100 with this deal on basically new equipment. Plus, if you live in Seattle/Eastside area, we can meet somewhere and I will deliver the goods.

    Force Fins are side-supported for stability, one size fits all BIG, even over boots, adjustable over-the-top, toes-free foot pocket that reduces cramping and leverages power from your strongest kicking muscles.

    Easy kicking, powerful and fast. Designed especially for fishing from a float tube, pontoon, or kickboat. Simply lift your foot to activate the SNAP of the blade and let the water accelerate through its split-V shape. Upcurved blade focuses water into thrust, instead of bobbing you up and down as when wearing flat fins.

    Independently moving wing tips let you fine-tune your position in water with small foot and leg movements- just like the fish.

    Turned up blade makes them easy to walk in too.
  3. I am thinking $ 250.00.... for everything.( Tube and Fins)
    ( used equipment... $$$ should be 50 % of original retail...)

    If your willing to deal and this is a Or Best Offer deal please contact me directly @
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