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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Roper, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. The "nice folks" at Kaufmanns let me trade a couple of C notes for a new boat on Saturday. It's a vee shaped pontoon craft. No frame, a compromise between a float tube and a pontoon boat with oars and frame.
    You sit just above water level on a cushion of closed cell foam. The back of the seat is the same material, which adds to the floatation of the unit and it's adjustable for recline. It has black PVC coating on most contact surfaces for scrape resistance.
    Two big pockets, one on each arm hosts net pockets and cup holders. One PVC coated pocket behind the seat back. So in summary, there's lot of cargo space. Forget the space between the seat and the bow, it get water in it and is designed to do so, not a defect.
    This little boat scoots along at a good clip, much easier than a float tube. It is slower to drift in the wind than my full up pontoon boat, a nice compromise. It doesn't have any provision for carrying a spare rod, so I'll be busy making one for it. All in all it's a handy little boat that is easier to haul around than a pontoon boat, glides nicer than a float tube and will be my choice unless I'm on bigger water and need oars. Did it help catch any fish? Not yesterday, I'll give it a couple of more chances before I call it cursed...


    Good things come to those who wade...
  2. Roper,
    I read from one of your previous posts, that you will be attending the Dry Falls outing. I will also be there and I also just bought a new pontoon float tube. I almost bought the Fat Cat, but opted for Waterskeeter's Day Tripper. I'm told it can support 250 pounds, completely deflated. Weight capacity is the primary reason I went with that model. Not that one is any better than the other, but because I almost bought a Fat Cat, it will interesting to see how the two compare.
    I look forward to meeting you. I'll be the big guy, with the BIG float tube. I'll be wearing flip down fake eyes, flip up sunglasses, and I'll be toting all the wrong flies.
    See Ya There,
    Lotech Joe
  3. I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    I did a check out of the specs of the Day Tripper and it rated for up to 350 lbs. Heck thats enough to even keep my fat butt off the water. But I can't make up my mind between a T/U Togiak float tube and the day tripper. The T/U tube is also rated to 350 lbs.

  4. I suppose I am lucky I'm about 5'1" and 105 lbs.
    Really, though... I am primarily a lake fly fisherman because lakes don't "blow out", there's alot of them with a chance at a hot fish, hatches, etc., etc... And, when I can fish moving water I prefer to intimately scour the banks, not float, so I got rid of my pontoon boat (Scadden 8') for some of the very comparative reasons mentioned by Roper. I'd have to concur with the review. I've had a Super FatCat since 1998 (went from Fat Cat to Super FatCat in 1999), and couldn't be more stoked with the tactical advantages that it provides me in a lake environment.
    As far as the rod-holder, I have always just stuck the butt of my extra rod into the front of the pocket opposite my casting arm. Then I just zip the pocket back to the rear of the craft and use some of its items towards the back to accomplish keeping the tip off the water behind me.
    I can't wait to use it again!

    PS a COUPLE c-notes?
  5. Hey Roper, have you seen the new Skeeters?

    They're an inbetween a cat and floattube. Sit a bit higher, but do have a frame. Extremely light. I have inside sources to Waterskeeter and Steelheader (know the owner of one, and he's the best friend of owner of second lol). But it's a nice boat. If I still fished lakes, I'd look at getting one. It's made for DU, in camo, and looks pretty stable. No oars, but can be added if wanted. Nice little setup. I think they wanted like $400 for them, and they sold like hotcakes at the sportsman show. They had them at the Steelheader booth.
  6. Hey Roper, have you seen the new Skeeters?

    Man, if I only had a link for those Skeeters... Sounds cool 'Header.
    Y'know, I'm actually 5'10" and about 165. If I was any higher than I am in my FatCat (and I have been), I'd feel a little too sail-like; any lower, I'd feel a little too rudder-like. And I can cast PUH-LENTY far sittin on the foam, although fortunately I find myself hookin' an absurd number of fish at rediculously close distances if any real meaningful hatch is bring fish up...
    It would be cool to check out a Skeeter, though, seeing as though it's come up more than a couple times it seems as though...
  7. C-note is a hun'erd dolla' bill...you must be a youngin'.


    Good things come to those who wade...
  8. LOL Roper

    Just depends on who you were raised around. Some never use the expression "C-note" for a hundred.

    Hmmmm, don't think it's in production yet full force. I'll talk to Bill and ask if he knows if they plan to. I know he had some, not sure if he still does. I think it was an experimental thing. Or maybe just a ducks unlimited thing and have to buy through them. Not sure. But will ask if you really want info on them.
  9. Roper,
    Just had my new Super Fat Cat out for the first time last week. I have been in tubes and U-Boats for 20 years, have a pontoon boat also but my new SFC is going to relagate most of my five other boats to the barn. First day out with it was windy with whitecaps on the water and this boat just cut right through them. Never got wet above the knees and so I was able to wear my waist high breathables-another advantage. The model I bought has the inflatable seat and is very comfortable even after 6 hours. I have mounted a holster on the left front for my Fishin Buddy II and today made an anchor mount to fit in the back well. I used schedule 40 pipe-2 90 deg fittings with a wide radius connected by a tee adaptor mounted on a piece of 1/2" plywood cut to just the shape of the well. This is mounted diagonally so the pull-up point is at the left side of the boat where I can easily reach it with my right hand. I will add a cleat to tie off to and I will be in business. The wet rope will reside in the well and be out of the way. I have taped all of the loose ends of webbing that were flapping around and doubled over all of the velcro tabs that were so long and sewed them into a pull tab. I also sewed 2" wide elastic into loops just big enough to fit over the seat adjustment webbing and removed those loose ends from the boat. Since Murphy's Law insist that anything a fly line can catch on-it will, I have taken pains to really clean up the boat as it came out of the box and get it in fishing shape. I thought I would have to design a rod holder but this boat Holds rods perfectly. On the side opposite of your fishing hand simply insert the rod with the REEL UP in the small pocket that is outside of the big pocket. Use the 2 attached pieces of velcro to secure the rod in place and you're good to go.
    Buying the SFC was like moving up from an economy car to a luxury car with the attendent improvement in ride and comfort. It even has fittings on the bottom for attaching shoulder straps so you can easily pack it in to those zipper lips lakes. And it is fast, I have never moved so fast with fins before. Gotta love it, Ive
  10. I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    Well I made up my mind. I got one of those Trout Unlimited Togiak tubes. It is rated for up to 350lbs. Big enough to keep me up on top. Now all I need is a good set of fins to propell me thru the water. Oh you can't miss me as the tube is a bright yellow. Like me.

  11. I gotta see this rig...got a photo? Coming to Dry Falls?


    Good things come to those who wade...

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