FS Outcast PAC Raft, Trailer, Oars + Extras Great Buy!

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  1. Favored by guides all over the world, this 14' fishing raft is the most stable and versatile fishing platform available. The PAC 1400 comes complete with a rower's platform, secure standing decks for bow and stern anglers and can accommodate enough gear for day trips and overnighters. This raft is actually made by Aire and is the super duper puma self-bailing raft. It has 3 upgraded oars, driftboat rowing seat, pump, and other extras. The trailer is a heavy duty full size trailer with a rear roller for ease of loading the raft and a front boat winch. This raft was only used for three one week trips on the Grande Ronde. The raft can be used with either in fishing platforms in or out of the raft. Great raft, I got ill and cannot use it anymore. This is deal of the lifetime. The boat and trailer alone new would be $7000 and I will let it go for $5000. Call at 253-332-5651.

    The PAC 1400 is for you if:

    • - You need a boat that is more versatile than a drift boat
    • - You love to fish on big rivers that have some whitewater
    • - You need storage space for mulit-day trips
    • - You want the best fishing raft out there

    Boat Specs
    Inflated Size: 72" x 14'
    Tube Diameter: 19.25"
    Fabric: 1670 PVC
    Material Weight: 35/43 oz/sq.yd.
    AireCell Material: Urethane
    Seam Construction: Welded
    Warranty: 10 Valve Type: (5)Leafield B7
    Weight: 236 lbs.
    Load Capacity: 1150 lbs.
    Frame: 10-pc steel
    Anchor System: Included
    Motor Mount: none
    Oar Type: 9' 2-piece

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  2. does it come with the front and rear casting decks/anchor system? a picture of the trailer would be nice to evaluate.

    What year is the boat?

    Was this bought by you as a private person, or as a guide (makes the warranty period different)

    The field photo of your boat shows Leafield C7 valves not B7, though it doesn't matter much.

    Does it come with any thwarts?
  3. Hi, the raft was purchased in summer of 2007. I used it on the Grande Rhonde in the fall of 2007, I became ill and it has not been used since. The raft has the complete frame, front and rear casting stations, anchor system, etc. Just like the pic from the factory shows. The actual fishing pic I was only using the rowing frame for steelhead fishing on the Rhonde. There are not thwarts. The oars (three) are upgraded and also have counterweighted. This raft package is an awesome package. The trailer is heavy duty and only has 600 miles on it and cost $1600. I will be posting more pics after I get the raft and trailer out of the garage where it has been since 2007. Call for me information if you like.
  4. I have the same boat and I love it. This seems like a good deal.
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