outcast power drifter

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by David Butterfield, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. Does anyone have one or have used one? I am interested in getting one and would like some feedback on one. Also I am new to the board and I hope to get some good information as well and giving it. Thank you in advance!

  2. never heard of the power drifter, but thought I would welcome you to the board.
  3. I too have never heard of this boat but then again I just started fly fishing and posting on this board as well. Just wanted to say welcome to the board and even though I am short on knowledge most people on this forum are full of it or at least full of opinions.

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  4. For those of you that haven't heard of or seen these here is a link: http://www.outcastboats.com/rafts.shtml
    I haven't heard anything about these good or bad. Looks like they would be great for stillwater. I'm curious to hear about how they perform too.
  5. Thats an awesome floater, but waaay tooo much $$$ for a lake floater.
    I can get an Outcast Pac 800 on Sale at my local flyshop for 800.00 new, which would also be perfect for lakes AND rivers! I already have a Fatcat tube with latex bladders which works perfect for me on lakes.
    Good luck

    Peter ><>

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  6. I have to disagree with the "way too much $$$" comment. If you want to spend a majority of your time fishing lakes this might be a good option, something I would have looked into had I not got a good deal on a used pram a few years ago.
    The ability to stand up when fishing our fine stillwaters cannot be overstated. It's a whole new game when you are able to see where the fish are and what they are taking or will take if you present it to them. Since I started fishing from my pram I've rarely thrown anything but a dry fly when fishing lakes. No more trolling buggers or blind casting streamers. Sight fishing to cruising trout has really changed the game for me.
    Of course this Power Drifter is a very specilized craft but it might be worth the money if you are really into stillwater flyfishing. I'm sure that a creative flyfisher could find other applications for it as well.
  7. Good rebuttal.

    A friend who happens to be a very, very, very (did I already say very?) accomplished flyfisher has one, and really enjoys it.
  8. Thank you everyone! the search begins! I am still debating weather to get a pontoon style or something you can stand in. Be it either the power drifter or a pram. Again thank you everyone!
  9. Check with Morning Hatch in Tacoma. I think they had one the last time I was there.
  10. Thank you! I just went in there today and they sold it. Outcast is making a newer version of it and it now costs 100 dollars less, they don't come out untill mid June at the earliest! Thank you again everyone!

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