Outcast Trinity, Has Anyone Tried One??

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by fishingfever69, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. fishingfever69

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    I am looking to buy a lightweight backpackable tube. The Trinity looks good, but there is nowhere to view one in my area. I am wondering if it will be suitable for fishing average size lakes as well as the small ones. I do have an old Caddis Sierra and hoping to just use it as a emergency back up and use the Trinity in all my fish situations.

    Tightlines Jim
  2. Flyn'dutchman

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    Seen them. They are a full size tube. Construction is internally urathane coated nylon with welded seams. No separate internal bladder, that's how they keep the weight down. Tubes fit through seat baffles and air pressure keep them in place. Don't know how they hold up. The welded seams with no internal bladders scared me off. There are at least three air chambers but I wouldn't want to be without a good PFD in one. Maybe somebody has had some experience with them. They were new last spring.
  3. Big Tuna

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    I've heard good things about them because of they pack into a pretty small bag and are very light weight. If you're hiking any distance, it's probably pretty hard to beat. I use a Super Cat for packing in to places like Lenice and Nunnally. It's essentially a pontoon boat that weighs 14 lbs. and the seat folds down to a pack frame with regular backpack shoulder straps. It's a slick system. There was a guy selling one in the classifieds recently for a pretty reasonable price.