Outcast vs. Dave Scadden vs. Buck's

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  1. I have never had any issue with any of my Scaddens, and had allot of them in my family. But then they are made 35 minutes from my house.
  2. One of the big issues for me is the amount of time it takes
    to assemble the craft. With most of the Scadden products
    you will spend alot more time getting it togeather than
    with the Outcast products. No big deal if you keep it
    assembled but I don't as a rule. Then there is the customer
    service issues that most I know have experienced with Scadden.

    Go with the Outcast.

  3. Fair enough...can you take your Outcast on a Plane? ;-)
    Curios though, what is the difference setting up a NFO and an Outcast frame?
  4. Blue, you and I just think alike. I can't imagine there is much difference; I never had issues with my Madison River. Now, of course, there is no delay with a Challenger or the coming Assault.
  5. Thanks for the correction Sue. I should have checked Aire's web site before just taking someone's word that their tubes were bladderless.

  6. I have the Outcat PAC 1000 works great. I have a buddy that bought the Bad Cat 10ft they use the same frame as the Outcast PAC 1000. My buddy wish he would of bought the Outcast. Badcat won't fit in his full size long bed GMC really needs a trailer the PAC1000 fits in the bottom of the bed of your truck. I don't know about the other boat, But didn't Dave work of Outcast back in the day?
  7. I believe he did. That is cool that a boat will fit in the back fully inflated, but on the other hand I like a wide boat for stability. So, slight deflate works or as you mentioned...a trailer.
  8. Blue question for you: what valves are Dave using on his boats? My Bro-in-law has an X-5 and he has the standard HR valves. I've read a couple posts that seemed confusing: either the owner is confused or his way of relaying the problem is. I must say that I have never heard or read more BS crying pukes on all these little problems that most idiots could figure out in a weekend! I am not kidding: do a search on this website for the last year about all the little BS that has been wriitten: come on guys grow a pair! figure out how to fix some basic stuff! Just earlier in this thread: the way this guy relayed his info, you would think he had never heard ONE good thing about Scadden, his boats, or his buisness practice! The only place I have heard anything negative is on this site, never talking to the actual owners on the lakes or rivers...wonder why?!
  9. My X5 is the older model with the frame that has removable foot pegs. Different material on the bladderless toon as well. It has Halkey Roberts. But my Escape and the now Renegade have the BRAVO valves. Button in the middle. Push once open, push again close. Nice but touchy and you MUST remember to put the cap on them.
  10. WOW! I can hardly believe using anything except a HR valve. BTW, thanks for the reply and info. Sure doesn't seem to be a better mouse trap?! I wonder what the reason for going away from HR valves? Aren't the Escape and Renegade made the same, that is bladderless with Poly Urethane? Possibly it is the thickness of those two boats? I wonder if the Assault will have these new and not improved valves? Are you reading this, Bill??!! PS What if you lose the CAPS?? Do you trash Dave on one website and then try to contact him on another looking for a supplier??? or do they come with spares??? Sorry, I could not resist that one!!
  11. All his boats now have the new valve. Reason being, you can pump them up with anything specially the LVM with out having to open them quickly close them. They are super easy. Maybe ordering a spare cap might not be a bad idea, but they are attached with a string. As long as you don't pull on the cap for any reason, they really shouldn't come off. I caught myself trying to lift the boat by the cap...learned quick to not do that.
    Plus all the boats with the exception of the Traditional two pontoons are bladderless. Much stronger and no zippers to mess with.
  12. his boats have a lifetime warrenty, right?
  13. The U shape are life time. The dual pontoon like the Skykomish, Madison, McKenzie are 15 years.
  14. Just hoping my new Renegade shows up next week!!!
  15. Huh? "Open them quickly to close them . . ."? What's THAT mean?

    I've got HR valves on nearly all my inflatables (including Outcast, WM, Scadden and Maxxon) and I can inflate them all with any pump (including LVM, K-Pump and others) with the valve in the Closed position. When the chamber is full, I simply stop pumping and remove the pump. Since the valve is already in the Closed position, there's no air loss and no need to quickly close it from the Open position.

    Try it yourself. You'll see how easy it is and why there's no need for some newfangled valve.

  16. Kent,

    I think the only advantage of the new valve is that you don't have to stand there with your finger on the valve to deflate it. You can press them open then roll up the craft to expell all of the air more completely/quickly. Otherwise, it works the same as the older style.
  17. Kent, exactly what I was trying to get at when I asked Blue what the deal was. I've got the same pumps and valves you have and nothing could be easier! HR valves are bulletproof, between my raft and the raft you bought from Jim the valves have ZERO failures in a combined 16 years?! Rob, all you have to do is depress and twist the valve and it stays open.
  18. You can pump HR's up with the valve closed, I have been doing it for years, but, it is slower and requires more power, not to mention with allot of pumps, that little hose adaptor.
    You take a HR valve in the closed position and pump it up with a LVM. Now take that same LVM and pump up a Bravo valved boat. Allot faster.
    I have been using HR valves for a very long time as well and like them too.
    Dave did not switch to Bravo's to save money (because they are not cheaper than HR), but to save time. As already mentioned, the deflation feature is a dream specially when trying to pack up fast in a storm.

    I can pump up my Renegade with a near dead small battery, but I cannot use same thing and pump up my X5, unless I open the HR valve.

    They are just different guys, and it does take some getting use to, but they are great once you do.
  19. Rob, we may well be talking about apples and oranges here, but the Halkey Roberts valves on all my inflatables already HAVE a twist feature that lets me switch from closed to open. To deflate, I simply twist to open and walk away while the chamber empties itself.

    Since I don't have any experience with the Bravo valves you may very well be right. But I've never found my LVM to be 'slow' when inflating HR valves, I've never tried to use it on a near-dead battery, and I certainly don't need any adaptors to make any of my pumps work with the HR valves.

    I'm in no hurry to rush out and buy all new inflatables because of a new valve that MIGHT let me inflate them a few seconds quicker. The Bravo valve sounds to me like a solution to a problem that doesn't exist (or if it does, it was dreamed up by someone's marketing department!) If it ain't broke, why fix it?

  20. I am pretty sure 99% of the valves made have a quick air release. My first tube had tubes with a little cross valve. To release, you simple stuck the cap in it backwards. Then the Boston valves, then Summit, then the Halkey, and now Bravo.....just a valve. I have had slight difficulty pushing and turning my Halkey...frozen hands, or maybe just arthritis...but no way with the new valve. I could do this with no fingers.
    New lighter, faster gear out there, why not the valves.

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