Ovoviviparous mayfly video

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  1. I did not know this existed. This should be posted in the entomology section but it is just too amazing to miss.

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  2. That's pretty awesome!
  3. 57 seconds seems like a pretty short "incubation" period. It really is an amazing video.
  4. Hi silvercreek-

    Yes, the first tine I saw the video was via a link posted on January 12. Its source was listed as Dr. David Funk, so emailed him with the following question:
    And, he responded as follows:
  5. Hi Ron,

    Well, that's because the "incubation" period is more like several weeks. Two genera of N. American mayflies, Callibaetis and Cloeon retain their fertilized/developing eggs in their abdomen for approximately that period of time.
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  6. That is wild, thanks Taxon.
  7. I wonder if the male of these species dies after mating. No reason for them to live another 18 days.
  8. All male mayflies die quite soon after mating; after all, they have nothing more to offer.
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  9. That is cool, thanks for sharing.
  10. This thread seems to have run its course on the Fly Fishing Forum, so has been moved to the Flyfishing Entomology, where it will be easier to find.
  11. this is amazing

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