Owners Of Driftboats - What Would You Improve??

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by cjflyfish, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Been thinking about boats lately and thought I would pose a question that came to my mind.....

    What improvements would you make to the modern drift boat? Looking at Clacks, Hydes, Ro's or any drift boat for that matter if you could make an improvement to a boat, what would you do?
  2. Lower the retail price by $5K for all. That is if I was the drift boat Commissioner. On a more practical vector, I would make the front, underseat storage slightly bigger so it can hold a couple of accordion chairs, a fold up table and a spare oar. My bench model Clack will not hold all of that in the front. Under my seat, I would like to put spares, gear and supplies, but the fold up table needs to fit in there. I have also built a light bar that fits across the glass standing support behind my seat with a battery mounted just under the support. I have a couple of lights and a radio on it so I can stay out till dark. The radio only helps after dark if i forget to tie off the bow and she drifts off without me. I can usually chase it down by the sound! One light is used for inside the boat for dusk fishing - tying flies, finding the damn net, etc. The other extends upward so I can see more around the boat when taking it out of the water.
  3. I can get the two bag chairs under the front seat of my SSG Clack. The roll up table has to go under the rower's seat, along with a small soft cooler which serves as storage for a couple of fly boxes, sink tips and other necessities. Regular cooler on the floor behind the rowers seat. It starts filling up fast when you try including a small BBQ grill or anything else. A break down oar, being rather useless when you need it right now, is not an option on my boat. So a full oar is wherever it will fit. Sadly not too well anywhere. Two hand rods are also a problem on drift boats. To date, the best solution I have been able to come up with for either, is right along side the rowers seat, the rod tips under the forward deck. This only works for a single seat in front.

    The fly pod model may be able to better accommodate this arrangement, excepting it's a low profile model. Any of the under seat boxes are able to serve as a cooler. I've never been a fan of Clack's rear lean bar designs, and this one is no exception. Since I have no use for them, I would simply remove it. Problem solved. The chairs & table could easily fit in one of the side boxes. Might even be room somewhere of the Barbie. Hmmmm.
  4. Build one the way you want it. It's a great project for when the rivers are closed.
    When you are finished you will find one downside. Everywhere you stop, people will come to talk about it. That uses up valuable fishing time but also rather enjoyable.
    Then if you don't like it you will sell at a profit and build one that you will like better. I think I have under $700 in mine.

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  5. If wishes were fishes...
    How about one with a silent jet drive that could do GPS placeholding?

    It MIGHT be possible as long as money was no object, right? Seriously, though, they do have similar features (without the jet drive) for bass boats. Of course that's for stillwater.

    Just think, 1 or 2 person floats and everybody's fishing!
  6. Nice boat!
  7. Beautiful boat! $700 and how many hours?
  8. Is there any demand for smaller drift boats? I have a 11ft design that I haven't gotten around to building yet, as I don't need another boat (have 6 already) sitting around. If there was ever any demand, I might build one for my www.youtube.com/redbarnboats page and finish the construction plans. Let me know.
  9. Warren, how are you building your boats?

    Whatbwould the benefits ofa 12 foot boat be?
  10. I wish someone would come up with a better way to tie down the stern of my Clackacraft than the strap and clamp method. Sorry not exactly a boat problem but a trailering problem. The strap is slow and hard to get just the right tension without creasing the sides.
  11. I have a Hyde. The one thing no one makes is a two person brace for standing side by side in bow when fishing on the go. All the boats make a 1 person brace but not 2.

  12. If someone has good ideas for rod storage that wouldn't get rods tangled or snapped on trees (bow/stern), that would be dandy. I could just glue some holders on the sides, I suppose, for the 9 footers.
  13. Stitch and Glue construction. The hull would be 6mm (1/4") ply with a double bottom and an added layer up about 6". It has plenty of volume for at least class III rivers if you know how to row. Bottom is about 42" at the beam. It's mainly for one person who wants to fish by themselves, but who goes with a group for safety, and with others for the "shuttle" back to the put in. It has a "hog nose" on the bow.

    I will try and take a photo of the model to post here.
  14. Wet bar and a humidor!!
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  15. Lighting systems in and out, wired in from the factory for being legal at night. It's hard to hide wiring and keep it off the bottom without a bunch of drilling and hanging. seen some huge clack's custom done with outside red and green (eye type) lights and mount for the back pole light and wired for down facing inside lights that were just awesome.
  16. My friend installed a couple of those thicker walled lengths of pipe insulation just under the gunwales in the bow of his 16' Willie, one on each side. I think he used zip-ties. They are about 4' or 5' long. You slide the tip end of the rod in and forward, letting the handle and reel arch down and rest on the floor. Holds them nicely and keeps the tips protected.

    I thought the idea was a good one, so I did the same thing in my john boat. Another angler suggested that I add at least one more in the stern. I might add two more.
  17. Take a look at www.castleboatworks.com -- I think he's addressed all you needs. He's also looking for investors to take this boat to an even better level.

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