Owyhee Rome to Birch creek small mouth fishin, anyone want to go in mid-july?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Shapp, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Any boaters out there want to raft/inflatable kayak/row pontoon from Rome to Birch Creek on the Owyhee, leaving the general seattle area on July 16 or so, be gone for 6 or 7 days (4 nights on river) to get your small mouth bass fix on?

    Must be compitent boater with your own boat and skills to row low and technical class III to III+/IV-. I will row my raft if the river will be over 500 cfs and paddle an inflatable kayak if it will be less. I have done this trip several times. My usual suspects are otherwise busy in mid-july.

    Folks that like whisky, fried bass, baccon, jimmy dean, fried tatters and onions, and beer send a pm. Lets have a beer and plan it out!
    J in Everett
  2. an example of the trip at low water, not my video
  3. Looks like an awesome trip. Sure wish I could join ya.
  4. Been looking at doing a trip on the owyhee for a couple years now, supposed to be pretty epic. OPB did a great special on that float, should be able to find it on utube. If I didnt have a float trip commitment in Aug that trip would be a no brainer! I cant wait to see some pics and hear a report!
  5. OPB has 2 videos, the newer video form a few years ago is of Momentum outfitters running the stretch called the middle owyhee, three forks to rome, I am talking about rome to birch creek, which is typically referred to as the "lower owyhee", wich is upstream of the reservoir. There is an old OPB video from the early 1990s if Al Law's outfitter trip. I have done the middle owyhee, lower owyhee, and the South Fork and upper owyhee, still would like to do the East Fork and Deep Creek someday. The lower owyhee has some great rapids but nothing nearly as huge as the middle or upper where there are some Class IV+ to V rapids. I hope to see some pictures of the trip too, can't seem to find any takers yets.
  6. Sent you a pm
  7. Sounds like I know who to ask when ive got questions! One of my guide buddies has ran deep creek before and he had a pretty epic tale to tell. I hope your trip goes.
  8. I have epic tales to tell too of all my owyhee trips:
    South Fork at twice flood stage this year:
    scroll down the thread to my long version of the story http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/1016300/Re_something_other_than_Hood_S

    anyway couldn't find any takers for a lower owyhee trip in july, no one could get a whole week off, but some of my buds could take of a few days, so we just this morning locked in plans to go kayak the upper NF John Day through the designated wilderness, which is rarely run and fish for some brookies and redbands and maybe a migratory bull trout on its way up to spawn in upper NF tribs.

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