Pacific Bay Kits from Cabelas?

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by totallycustom, May 22, 2012.

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    Looking at picking up a pacific bay kit from cabelas. They look like a good deal right now only about $50+-10 for most fly kits. Has anyone ever built one? I know they are no sage or stcroix but we have a baby on the way and my wife has shut my spending off. I have never fished a CF rod only bamboo/glass rebuilds and thought this would be a good way in. Looking at 5/6 and maybe building a pair of their saltwater 8 weighst later this summer with my dad.
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    Mudhole also has some great deals on kits
  3. Rob Ast

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    and through this weekend hook & hackle has 50% off blanks and 40% off kits
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    Rob...thanks for sharing...have not visited that site in some time.... they updated their site (long overdue IMHO) and always have some great deals.
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    Got the kit yesterday. Everything looks pretty good, although it didn't have a very good product description on the website do I was a little surprised at a few things. The running guides are single foot guides(strippers are ceramic double foot) but it did come with 11 guides for a 9' rod, the reel seat is anodized green with gold rain forest letters on it. I guess the reel seat does kind of matches the green blank though. The only thing I think they screwed up on was a cheapo rubber winding check, I will need to figure something better out.

    I am also not sure if the blank is a rain forest blank. It is dark green but it is a clear green over the carbon fiber. Although I don't know why they would supply a rain forest branded reel seat if the rod blank was not.
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    I've used a couple pac-bay blanks in the past and they are great blanks, single foot or double foot guides is a builders preference both work really well. Sounds from the description that it is a pac-bay blank, I say wrap it up and give it a whirl, you might be real happy with the results and the price, well how can you really go wrong. If you want a different reel seat then check ebay or utmost enterprises, you can find an inexpensive reel seat replacement either place. Have fun and post pictures.
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    That's too funny; $49 for the entire kit, and comments about the 'cheapo' rubber winding check.

    Thanks for giving feedback on the kit, though.
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    Denny, Well I might have paid only $49 for the kit but they usually sell for about about $95. The kit was comprised of pretty good quality components but I really hate plastic that will break down like the rubber winding checks do( I have had many that have over the years).Considering has aluminum checks starting at under $2 I think it would have been a small detail that would have made a nicer kit for a minimal expense on Pac-Bay. Especially if it retails for $95 normally.