FS Packs and Several Fly Boxes for Sale

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  1. Over the last few years I have built up a ridiculous overflow of gear that I dont even use anymore and its time to make some room for new stuff. I currently dont have pictures of these items, but I did explain their condition in excellent detail and gave a link to the item so you can see what it looks like, read the specs, etc. I guarantee these items are exactly as described. If your interested, please shoot me a PM or send me an email at rich_felber@ yahoo dot com.


    Fishpond Shooting Star Pack/Backpack ($100 + shipping). Please note this is the bitteroot green color. Very lightly worn with very minimal wear. Comes with all the necessary straps to wear together or as seperate pieces. These packs retailed for $219.


    Fishpond Waterdance Guide Pack ($50 + shipping). This is the slightly older design in the burnt orangeish color shown in the photo below. I have worn this pack for a few seasons so it has some wear but no tears, rips, holes etc. Everything is perfectly functional and ready for many more years of use. Retails for $100.


    William Joseph Chest Pack ($15 + shipping). Please not mine is the olive color. This is a discontinued pack that I only wore a handful of times and its spent the last few years hanging in my closet. Excellent condition and a perfect pack for when you want to fish withh just a couple fly boxes and tools. Retailed for $60.


    Fly Boxes:

    Cliff's Super Days Worth ($15 + shipping). This box is virtually brand new, used only a few times and has no issues in any way. Truly a do it all fly box. Retails for $24.


    Cliff's The Big Cliff ($8 + shipping). This box has been used hard for several seasons. It's scuffed up a bit but perfectly fine. The foam is in good shape and the magnet is still strong. A great dry dropper box. Retails for $18.


    C&F Ultra Small Threader ($20 + shipping). This box has been used extremely minimally and is in near perfect condition. The only thing keeping it from being mint is that one of the built in threaders is missing. Other than that its ready for years of use. Perfect for all types of small nymphs, midges, and dries plus can hold small shot and or tiny strike indicators. Retails for $42.


    C&F 12-Row ($15 + shipping). This is the box below, except that I took out the middle flip page. This box has been used but the foam is still in good shape and holds flies tightly. I also added a TU sticker to the front of the box. Great nymph box retails for $40.


    C&F MSF Waterproof 14-Row ($25 + shipping). Fully waterpoof box in excellent condition. Foam is in great condition and holds flies tightly in place. Great for nymphs or dries and retails for $45.


    Scientific Anglers Classic 280 Waterproof ($13 + shipping). This fully waterproof box has been fished quite a bit but still remains in perfectly usable condition. One of the pieces of foam was loose so I re-glued it and a little bit of glue is visible on the sides of the foam but it is cosmetic only. Foam is still in pretty good shape and holds flies tighly. Retails for $27.


    Orvis Classic Wheatley Metal ($20 + shipping). This is the box in the top left hand side of the photo below. This box has been around the block. The outside is very scuffed and the Orvis writing is slightly worn. Inside one of the doors hinges is broken, but the other 15 doors work perfectly. The foam is in perfect condition. A chance to get a classic wheatly made dry fly box for cheap. Retais for $70.

  2. PM sent re: the clif box
  3. PM sent
  4. Please note which items are no longer available.

  5. Has anyone heard from Rich? I paid for a couple of boxes via Paypal a week ago days ago, emailed him, PM'd him and haven't heard back since.
  6. that doesn't sound good. I almost pulled the trigger on one of items myself...hope it works out for you and anyone else who played in good faith.
  7. That is not good. I sent him a money order for $17 for a box. I would like to get it soon. Let me know if you here from him!
  8. As of Monday July 9th no boxes. Paid on the 29th of June via Paypal. Anyone here that has ever dealt with me has had their gear shipped the day Payment received. Requested a tracking number but haven't received one.
  9. The ad was there and at the fiberglass forum. you can't post replies in the classifieds on those two forums. against the rules.
  10. Sorry for the delay gents.....haven't been on the board in over a week and had no idea this conversation was going on. All packages were sent on July 5th and I have tracking numbers for anyone who has not received their's yet (I heard from 2 gentleman from the fiberglass forum that their packages arrived yesterday). If your hasn't shown up yet please PM me and I'll shoot you over the tracking number.....everything was sent via USPS.




    "I hoping his wife has him locked in the bedroom tied to the bed." This is pure awesomeness.....hahaha!
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