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  1. What type of paint would be best for applying to breathable waders? After reading the "Puffy Jackets and Flat Brimmed Hats" thread, I thought it would be a fun thing to add a little flair to my waders. Maybe stencil "INMATE" on the front and back, or a thong on the crotch. You could bedazzle the crap out of them and just use Aquaseal. Can you add a dye to Aquaseal? That would make some sweet paint. I could spray paint my boots orange. Apparently orange shoes are in, and I want to be in. Tie it all together with a tweed coat and a nice flat brim hat that my girls gave me. At least you will recognize me.
  2. Injudiciously applied aquaseal, when going commando in waders, is excruciating, according to uncle.
  3. Stick a sock in it and hang em down low. Chick magnet, ha ha.
  4. Might void the warranty, so I'd go with a cheap pair first and work it out. You'd also need to find some breathable paint, or you'd end up all sweaty.
  5. Where have you guys been all these years? go pink.jpg
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  6. Inmate stenciled on the back may show an eastern WA flair but don't lower yourself and stencil a thong or paint your boots orange as a demented western WA flyfisher would.

    Tweed would be a nice touch for the traditional look
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  7. dfl, that is a Rocky Ford outfit if I ever saw one. Is that a net scabbard? On this stodgy old board you'd never see a net scabbard in the classifieds.
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  8. Stewart, to maintain the breathability, you could always tie dye them
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  9. Dye them a nice lavender. You'll be a hit on the river.
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  10. With Spokanistan being the Lilac City, lilac would be highly appropriate, and highly recognizable. Maybe a little tie dye for bonus points. I don't know if I know the difference between lilac and lavender though. I hope I don't screw up my waders.
  11. Go to google images

    Enter search terms "Lilac Bra"
    and then when you are done "Lavender Bra"

    You will see that many of the color palettes are basically shades of Pantone 250 to 270 or so, with a large range, See if your parents and family can tell you the difference based on your imaging search.
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  12. My waders are so egg stained, the left side(i am left handed) from hip to knee is a pinkish color.
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