pale evening duns or pale morning duns?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Paul Huffman, May 3, 2003.

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    It was a bug smorgasbord in the canyon today. I made it on the water just in time fro the 1:00 pm hatch. The fish and I got very excited. There were grannon, Glossoma, march browns, BWOs, and, I'll be dipped, pale evening duns? It's too early in the year for PEDs! If they hatch in the middle of the day are they still pale evening duns? Or were they pale morning duns? Too early for PMDs too. I didn't key them out, but I think they were PEDs, because of the pale yellow and almost white wing. The fish apparently found them delicious and went wild. The fish would pick them out of every thing else. But I caught my 18" guy on a CDC caddis. Very reluctantly brought to hand.
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    Fished the Yak last four days straight. Those bugs you were seeing were PMDs in the canyon, yes it's early for them, but this is a weird year, and they usually start showing up this time of year, according to the Worley Bugger web page and to Jack Mitchell at the Evening Hatch, who concurred that they were indeed PMDs.


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