Panamanian Adventure on the Lost Coast Explorer

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by Mingo, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Damn fine report.................damn fine trip...................
  2. WOW .... WOW ... !!!!!
  3. wow...incredible post mingo! that sounded like a hell of a trip. i gotta get back down to panama, we spent two weeks there a couple years ago. next time id like to head out towards coiba...
  4. Unreal. Thanks for transporting me somewhere warm for a few minutes! Have you EVER fished when it was colder than 70 degrees? :thumb: just jealous.
  5. You guys need a Thad in your crew.
    P.S. I still havn't hit the hero mark yet,but I love the rod.
  6. Most excellent telling of your adventure Mingo. Thanks for the fun read.
  7. :rofl:.....uhhh......yeah. Lots. I am still on a quest to set a new IGFA Inverse World Record for the smallest anadromous coho ever caught on fly. I came close a couple years ago with this sassy little midget...................Inverse Record chasing is harder than you think.....:rofl:

    here are a couple videos from the adventure for those who like that sort of wife's first sailfish and shots of my buddy Blake and I catching jacks and trevally on fly............

    Thanks for the kind words guys.
  8. Alright Mingo, that's it....

    You ever consider a tv show?? No shit dude, you got the "it" factor when it comes these fishing vids and stories... You should look into it- !!
  9. Thanks Leroy, but.........been there, done that. I co-hosted a fishing show that ran on The Outdoor Channel and assorted small market stations around the country in 2000 and did very well creatively and was popular, but you lose your ass doing it. Rob replaced me as co-host when I left the show. if anyone ever has a fantasy about making it big with a TV fishing show, have a beer with me sometime. I'll cure you of that fantasy REAL QUICK! :rofl:
  10. That was a great report, just DOPE!!!
  11. Getting there is more than half the battle.
    Great report, great pics, having to much fun, ya got to have been breaking some laws.
  12. I need to clean my keyboard off!! Nice work Mingo! That is some hot fishporn!
  13. Great report! But I echo other posts---Do you need to/ever have to work?? Your life seems to be nothing but one big tropical vacation! Holy crap, dude--nice B-day gift.

    Now, back to reality.....

  14. :rofl:
    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I WISH my life was one long tropical vacation........that is the goal down the road, but I have years of hard labor ahead of me until that day arrives...........yes, I work...too much, too many hours, too much stress, too much pressure, too many employees to keep tabs on.....just like a lot of people on here. Don't let the trip reports fool ya.....that shit isn't free! :thumb:............."Do you ever have to work"....:rofl::rofl::rofl: thanks for the chuckle.....:rofl::rofl:
  15. Amazing trip! Brother...
    You are the man!!

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