Panfish Eating (Yellow Perch)

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Kcahill, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. I did some searches and found Ives batter recipe and Philsters suggestion for making PerchCakes(crabcakes). I also found Ives recommendations for cleaning them so I am good there.

    But having never kept\cleaned\eaten these things I am trying to figure out how many of those little bastards I need to feed say 4 people. I am figuring making both the cakes and frying some up. The ones I caught yesterday and threw back were about 6-9"(one might of been 10"). I am guessing maybe 6 perch to feed 4 people?

    I dont want to keep more then I am going to cook up that day and eat, I am going to attempt this Saturday will let you know how they turn out!
  2. I just returned from Michigan where I enjoyed a Lake MI yellow perch fish n chips dinner. I got 6 large-ish fillets that I would guess came from perch in the 12-15" range. I would guess that using 6-9" perch you would want 3-4 perch worth of meat per person.
  3. hmm that is a lot of perch, maybe I will see if I can find some bigger ones before attempting this. Thanks.
  4. The crappies I usually catch here in my local lake area all around 8-9''. They don't have quite as much meat on them as a similar sized perch. The last time I fried up a batch I filleted 10 fish since I was the only one eating them. I managed to eat 18 of those fillets along with some corn bread, baked beans and an ale. An hour later I finished off the other two-still good! At 6' and 170# I'm not exactly Man Mountain Ive so if you have any serious eaters to serve I would recommend something around 24 perch for 4 people.

  5. Yeah I tried all morning to find some bigger ones, switched to some bigger flies and it didnt matter. I caught a 3" perch on a streamer that is easily over 5", damn things are aggressive. If I kept all the little ones I caught today I probably could have had a big ol' fish fry but I was on a mission to get some bigger ones that failed. I just dont think they get that big here.

    I did pull out a couple of nice LMB though that were spending their morning the same way I was, harassing panfish.
  6. too bad this state doesn't allow the use of "baitfish" for catching large Bass...
  7. You'll get a lot more meat off 'em if you don't fillet 'em. If they're cooked properly, you just stick your fork in at the lateral line and pull away perpendicularly...the meat will come right off the bones and you get a lot more out of each fish.

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