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  1. Took my wife and son out on Mother's Day. Riley got into ALOT of pumpkinseed, redeye, bluegill action. He must have caught 20-30 fish. I was using a 5wt and a combo of hare's ear nymphs and surface poppers. I caught 15 or so myself. We went to Frank Mason park, Lake Cassidy, Silver Lake , and Lake Goodwin. If your looking for an easy run for the kids I suggest Frank Mason Park lake. The panfish are small but they are as thick as thieves. He had a blast and my wife - who does not fish - even got into it. I know this is not a post about huge/fish porn worthy fish but I figured it was worth posting. Enjoy the season guys.....:)
  2. That sounds like a lot of fun. I'm looking for a lake to take my son to fly fish for the first time where he's likely to catch something, anything, to keep him excited. His first experience fishing was ice fishing on a Canadian lake and he cleaned up, so he expects fly fishing to be similar. =)
    We'll have to check those out.

    P.S. Where is Frank Mason Park? I got no love from google.
  3. NewFlyerAndy
    Are you keeping those little gills?
    The reason for the stunted little fish is over population.
    If ya catch'em keep'em. Freeze'em and give'em to someone that crabs or plant'em in the garden if ya don't have dogs or cats that will dig'em up.
    Glad ya all had a good time.
  4. I got a little bluegill fishing in while in Pennsylvania last week. I had a blast too. Haven't done it around here though. I'll have to check out those lakes that you named above.
  5. Great report Andy. Glad you and the family had a good outing.
  6. FlyBoy - - Frank Mason park is the little lake on the left right before you get into Granite Falls. And Frank your right-there are metric tons of those little gills there, but i'm hesitant to kill them wholesale. My soul still shrinks when I think of killing fish en masse......
  7. Andy
    You are not killing en masse....
    You are saving the others in the little lake.
    Trust me I know about these things.

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