Panther and Storm lakes

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Tyler Speir, May 10, 2006.

  1. Do any of you guys fish these lakes? Im going to be in a fishing derby on one of them the first weekend in June. Any info would be nice. Ive never fished that area.
  2. Ive never fisheds them, go to either or to get a detailed aerial view of the lake.
  3. What kind of info you looking for.

    The boat launch at Panther is steep and has limited bank area. And it is on the deep side and had very many different species of fish in there.

    Storm on the other hand is somewhat shallower and has a small boat launch.

    I have fished them both and prefer Storm over Panther. The area opposite the boat launch is good for trolling W/B's on Storm. Plus there is some big fish in Storm.

  4. I've never fished Panther. I live near Storm, Flowing, and Roesiger Lakes and fish both pretty regularly. Storm gets hit very hard on opening day and for several weeks after. Once the fish move deeper, the crowds seem to disappear as well.

    For trout, if you get there 2 hours before dark, you can usually see fish rising about 40-60 yards out from the boat launch that extends from the west edge to the east edge. There's a shelf there where the water drops about 5 - 8 feet and fish hold along that shelf. If they're rising, you can go on top. Otherwise, go about 12-15 feet down and work that shelf.

    There's a slot out by Budweiser blvd (west shore) that usually holds some decent fish. They are usually 14-18 feet down.

    On the south end of the lake, look for the small point where the lake narrows and fish off that point about 15-25 yards.

    Bass hug the shorelines and around docks.

    If you have the time, you might want to try Flowing (fish the water ski buoys out from the south boat launch) or Roesiger (my favorite).

  5. thank, il be out there wed. to check it out.

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