Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Mark Kulikov, May 20, 2014.

  1. Mark Kulikov Active Member

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    I'm experimenting with parachutes. What are your thoughts on the hackle wrap. Shiny side up or down, forward, level or rearward angle on the wrap. Opinions?

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  2. Dave Evans Active Member

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    I tie the feather to the post so that the shiny side will be down when I wrap around the post. I tie the feather in, put a drop of cement on the post where I am going to wrap, then wrap up the post then back down to the body of the fly. I then take a turn or two of thread to lock the feather in place, then use a whip finish on the post to finish up and then trim. Leroy Hyatt shows it very well on his SBS video for a parachute adams. You can google "fly fishing: the anglers art." I have been replenishing my boxes and have been tying up parachute adams and purple hazes from 14 to 20 the past week. This technique works very well for me.