Paracord Rod Handles

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by seanengman, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Alright, it has been a hella long time since I have been on here. What I am after is ideas for a finish on paracord handles on a fishing rod. I have some rods to build for folks and they want paracord handles. Seems like a good enough idea, but colors will fade and get nasty if they don't get sealed. Any ideas?


  2. fly rod or gear rod?
  3. Gear rod. The foregrip for a halibut rod to be exact.
  4. Shark skin shrink wrap looks cool on the rope. I don't know if thats what your looking for. Salt water will just tear that grip up if its not sealed.
  5. If you are gonna throw a sealer on it, make sure you use Color Preserver if you want the color to be the same.
  6. Interesting. Don't recall ever seeing (or reading about) a rod handle done up this way; anyone have a photo they can post up?
  7. A buddy of mine uses the tool handle rubber grip paint on his rope rod handles.
  8. That is a good tip, I may opt for that option on one of my own rods.

    Thanks all,

  9. Looking to preserve the colors, but I will check into the Shark Skin for possible later builds.
  10. I will post pics when it is all done. Does anybody know of an over the counter CP? Seems like there should be some household stuff that would work for big jobs.
  11. seiners twine is great for this, i built a halibut rod with a grip out of that and turkshead at the top. if you need a thicker grip, doing it over a layer of cork tape works really well. also, this stuff doesnt get ripped up, its tough as anything. you can heat it afterwards to toughen it up, and dust some spray adhesive on it.

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