Paradise is burning:(

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  1. There was a Spokane GOP candidates name at the top of the page so it isn't worth reading...? Makes sense, I guess.
  2. Have you read it?
  3. Best quote of the day.
  4. No, you actually saved me from reading it. You see, I lean toward the Libertarian side of things and wouldn't dare read anything put out by those other parties. What a joke!
  5. Too bad, it actually sounded promising. I am glad the Koch brothers don't influence Libertarian ideology.
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  6. Damn, here is another one! Notice "conservative billionaires", I.e. GOP.

    We can go on trading site shots till Rome burns and you still would not award me bonus points. You can have the last swipe. I will go out feeling that a lot of wild fires could be averted if more people would recognize Climate Change and work together to reverse it.
  7. Being wise about how you use energy is a good place to start. If we all put a little thought into it, we'd use less of it. If we leave it up to our government.... well, their track record of doing anything right (for the people) isn't one I put much faith in.

    Filtering what information is believable and what isn't, strictly because of my political ideology, isn't the filter I choose to use.
  8. OK, enough of the political bullshit...
  9. Fires----> climate change----> politics. Predictable thread progression.

    We were on the Colville Rez Saturday when the last storm hit. Temp went from 100-73 degrees in about 5 minutes. Hail the size of my pinky nail and winds were intense. Talked to some firefighters Friday on the way over and they were pretty well spent. Tough job.
  10. Nothing about this was political until someone suggested the Methow fires were a result of global warming. Trouble is the planet hasn't warmed for the last 17 years. A cooling trend has been established according to many non-government funded sources. US wild fire acres burned are way down...not way down in Central WA but way down over the country. This is a tragedy in Central Washington but has nothing to do with global warming...climate change...cooling. Compare acres burned to previous years...please note ".gov" It ain't the GOP and it ain't the Koch's and it ain't the imaginary Spokane candidate suggested above.

    Real data is useful if you care to think for yourself. If not you're a pawn in the collective.
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  11. Now my other paradise is burning!! Probably my favorite stretch of my favorite river, the "Devil's Elbow" of the San Poil is burning!
  12. The Snag Canyon fire dropped into the Naneum yesterday and the attached photo is of the fire heading up the east flank of the canyon. How far up the canyon it goes is another question but I don't see how they can stop it. The upside is small stream fishers won't have to bushwhack for sometime to come.:( Snag Canyon fire.jpg
  13. IMHO, science is based on logic obtained by predictability and probability and unfortunately, most theories, in time, are accepted as law. Then, science proves that what appeared to be law was not the case, hence disproving itself. The problem with science is that it loses its effectiveness when there are too many variables. This is why we can put a man on the moon but cannot accurately predict the weather. It is also the reason that we can't find a cure for cancer. Laws of material science adhere to the logic of Newtonian physics and unfortunately the material world is made up of subtle energy and those principles fall under the logic of Quantum physics. And, quantum physics cannot ignore the reality of the laws of uncertainty. So, one science tries to explain while the other explains why it can't and the net effect that is all of life is a mystery and it will remain so. The best we can do is sit back and enjoy the wonder.
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  14. Enlightened, thanks for posting the link. I've been off the grid for 8 days - in the "Bob". It doesn't look good.

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