Paradise Lake? Ames lake?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Brad Niemeyer, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. Does anyone know if there is public access to Paradise Lake (on the border of King and Snohomish counties)...I am having a hard time finding out if its open to fishing and a harder time finding a way in...ditto on crystal lake ( i am pretty sure its entirely private)

    Also Ames Lake...Looks like there is no access...Private?

  2. Paradise Lake?

    i have heard of access to paradise. your right with crystal.. no access. there is a way to get to paradise lake though, it sounds so familiar in my mind... ill ask around for you and hopefully get back 2 ya soon

  3. Paradise Lake?

    The paradise lake close to maltby? If so there is no access, it is a private lake. Maybe if you ask someone you could launch a boat or fish from there property.
  4. Hey Pie-Scene, let me know if you want to try Flowing or one of the other bigger year round lakes in that area. Been itchin' to try it, but it's a bit big for a first time solo venture. Need to spread out the misery with at least one other person :rofl
  5. With a baby on the way I'm scouting out nearby lakes so I can slip out for 2 hours in the late afternoon and be back home before my wife gets too upset...I 'd like to try to get out once in April and again in May...

    #1Cottage Lake ( trout, bass)
    #2 Echo lake ( Trout, panfish)
    #3 Devil's (Lost) lake ( trout?)
    # 4 Crescent ( Bass, crappie))

    Flowing is a great lake but its too far away from Woodinville. The size of the lake is not an issue ...My hobie mirage pedal kayak can really move accross the water ( 5-7mph) to get to the hot spots.

  6. Devils(Lost) is open year around and has a few bigger trout in it. And if you want to go a little farther North you could also try Blackmans and Chain Lake. If you go to which by the way is listed on the homwe page. They have contour maps of many of the lakes in question.

  7. >With a baby on the way I'm scouting out nearby lakes
    >so I can slip out for 2 hours in the late afternoon
    >Flowing is a great lake but its too far away from
    >Woodinville. >-Piscean
    Dude we're like twins! I live in woodinville (surrounding area anyway), and am a stay at home dad. Close is good! Alice is open year round, at about 20 minutes from me. Trout. They claim bass, but I've never seen one! Cottage is fun, but it's a late april to November game... Been meaning to focus on Bass there and figure it out some summer.
  8. I have access to Ames, have looked around it's perimeter and not found public access. Pretty lake if you can get on it. Some really decent sized bass but nothing to report on trout.

  9. Philster:

    Yeah we should do one of these lakes. The baby is due April 3 so I figure I have NO CHANCE to fish until mid or late April and by then I will NEED to go fishing just to relieve my accumulated stress...

    Cottage is close to me, full of planters with a few bigger fish. I never get skunked there...and I must try Cresent lake for bass in May (its a sleeper)

    I hear good things about Alice but its nearly as far as rattlesnake which is way better...

    I will email you in April

  10. Margaret is pretty close to you and has bows and cutts. Echo Lake is closed to swimming due to the entire area being on septics; I know we all use waders, but still!

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