Parking and looters

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  1. I still think you are giving in by allowing them free access to your personal property plus rewarding them with beer.
    If you do end up leaving a sixer of beer, at least piss in each bottle.
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  2. Leave enough meth in your rig for an overdose. That should do the trick.
  3. Having a vehicle with stickers that say "Sage, or Loomis, or Baretta", etc is like having a neon sign with an arrow that says "break in here"
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  4. Just don't leave anything of any value in the car, then worse case you get a broken window. If you can't bring it with you on the water you shouldn't be bringing it in the car. Anything left behind is just making your car a huge target.
  5. Better hope they check the door to see if it is unlocked. I had to leave a vehicle in downtown Seattle overnight. When I locked it all up I made the realization that there was nothing in the truck worth a broken window so I left it unlocked on purpose. I came back to find someone had broke the passenger side window anyway.
  6. .... bad things happen to good people.

    I leave my vehicle empty and the doors unlocked during my 25+ years of camping/hiking/fishing. I did lose an ashtray( coins) and a power cord for an electric razor one time..... in all my years of travels.

  7. I park my vehicle in downtown every night. The only time I've had a break in is on MP18 on Canyon Rd.

    Go figure....
  8. Many times in the 70s I'd park my car under the viaduct, windows down and unlocked, for the weekend when I'd go home on the ferry to visit parents and friends. Had a decent Pioneer 8 track stereo in it and dozens of tapes. Never once lost a thing. Times change.
    While I'm yearning to buy another small pickup, the smart move would be to get a good driver that I don't care about for a fish car. Maybe an old Corolla, and not keep anything of value in it. Make it a wagon and leave glove box and all cubbies open for visibility. Not likely though.
  9. Isn't preparing for someone who might break into your vehicle already altering the fishing ideology you are trying to achieve?

    Stuff left in my car is MINE! Not yours, not some tweakers, not some f'n dbags. It's MINE! Beer is MINE, windows are MINE, etc. I'm not out to appease someone who doesn't give a sch.t about his own place in the universe.

    I'm with Francis on this one.

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  10. I had a 93 honda accord 4dr. It was solid, and the gas mileage was excellent. It was my fishing/travel car until it was totaled last fall. I didn't buy another roadtrip car( spent insurance money of lord knows what) I am going to start looking again today. It was nice as a single person to have 2 vehicles, i miss the backup car. The way society is heading as i continue with 30+ more years of outdoor activities, in the future they can break out the plastic where they broke out the glass before.;)
  11. I parked down under the viaduct below the market and it was many, many years ago.

    My point is it doesn't matters where you are or what you do the scum of the world will still screw with your shit.
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  12. Ok... I'm open to any valid argument which demonstrates that threatening tweakers with a nasty note or being violently protective of your car (while your off fishing???) prevents vehicle damage and theft. That's the bottom line. I figured a creative way to minimize the hassle so that I can fish instead. And as far as giving in... Let me ask this: Do you really think that a militant attitude about property will diminish the problem? To me it's simply an equation to be solved. Not something to get emotional about. You can sweep and sweep a dirt floor and all you get is dust. But if you water that floor down at least the dust isn't a problem. Ideally the tweakers wouldn't be a problem. But they are. (period) So they must be dealt with. Oh wait!!! I can't do that because their skeevy asses are hiding in the woods waiting for me to go fishing. Oh darn. So the twaekers have one up on us there. No matter how committed and violent we're willing to get in support of our property rights. Ok, So the question becomes: What's the least bad solution to the problem? I'm going with the one that will most likely allow me to drive home with all my stuff. Suffering any extra damage and inconvenience on principal when your impotent to actually do anything about it just doesn't make sense.
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  13. The problem with tweekers, is not to fish where they hang out at.

    I solved that problem, I moved to Montana. No tweekers where I live.
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  14. 10incher -you are correct.

    The post about the gun scope blah blah blah is just frustrated hot air coming out of a windless sail. The guy( i hope) is not going to leave a note like the one mentioned and then sit far off in the woods and shoot the thief with a rifle. He may be that dumb, i dont know the guy and if he is true to his written words, we wont know of him for too long cuz he will be living in prison. The tweakers see us load up the gear and off to fish we go. They know the game and we are at their mercy. Thats why i leave nothing in the car and the doors unlocked. Kicking the shit out of some guy while he is going thru your car is one thing, shooting a guy from far away is murder in any courthouse. Kicking his ass and a possible assault charge is better than a prison term.
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  15. LOL- you dont get out too often do ya? Tweakers are everywhere they sell household cleaners and have a general store.
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  16. Don't leave stuff in your car it's that simple. If you stupid enough to leave nice reels and rods In your car you deserve it.
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  17. You may be right in the fact that there there are tweakers everywhere but I guarantee there are far fewer in mt and places like it. It's a matter of population and trust me there are more degenerates in wa than the entire population of mt. I know I was stationed in wa. I always leave my truck unlocked and sometimes running in the winter. I would never do that on the wet coast. Too bad, it could be an awesome place, unfortunately people have ruined it.
  18. I like the idea of leaving the vehicle empy, minus empty shotgun boxes! I've been toying with the idea of leaving a note like, "I can SEE YOUUUU," or "Is lip gloss and hand wipes worth it?"
  19. I want make sure I'm not misunderstood. My van was looted once. I was so mad I could've punched a baby. I didn't have anything of value to a tweaker in there. But the douche took a bunch of paper out of my center console. Perhaps to attempt ID theft or something. I lost about a half a years worth of material receipts for work, the title to my van and misc. other snarky, problematic things. If I'd have come across the guy in progress I would've twisted him into a pretzel and taken a bite outta him. And I'd rather catch someone breaking into my van and shave their shins with a wood planer than buying them a beer. But I realize that I will probably never see a break in in progress. That's the point if your a thief. You hide when you steal. So... I have to settle for being able to drive home and go to work without smelling some druggie's piss the whole time.
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  20. Everybody says don't leave nothing in your rig. Best thing to do on single day local trips.

    But how do you not leave nothing in your rig on an extended camping, fishing trip, camping at different spots each day, especially primitive camping, none camp ground? You are going to have some camp gear that is not brought with you while fishing. I don't like leaving gear at an unattended camp either.

    I still have not figured out how to not leave any gear in the rig on an extended camping trip, while fishing some distance from the rig. I roll the dice on every extended trip.

    I've had my rig vandalized, just to be vandalized, when it had nothing of value on a single day local trip before also.

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