Parking and looters

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  1. That IS another problem. Maybe a fake bomb on the front seat? Complete with three phony dynamite sticks and a clock taped together. It starts ticking loudly when the car is disturbed.
  2. You simply stop a half mile short of the parking lot in an unobtrusive spot or pull out, maybe near that old stump (anything you can identify later) and stash the extras in the woods, maybe under a camo tarp or in a G.bag. PITA but not that tough. That works for a nominal amount of stuff but not if you're dragging a truck load of gear with you.
  3. Tell you what, Peyton; If you truly believe it's just "hot air coming out of a windless sail", go find my rig, and see what happens. The first round's free.
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  4. I find a shovel far more useful than a gun. Inlaws call it the Nebraska multi-tool.
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  5. Wood planer... Shins.
  6. I'm beyond being tired of the crowded jail and we can't catch them arguments. It's bullshit! As a realtor, I work new construction and these sites are continually hit, no matter where they are in our wet region. They hit models for appliances and TV's and homes under construction for the wire. The guy does $8,000 damage to a house, sets construction back a couple of weeks, and gets maybe $20-$25 for the wire. The police come out and there is NO investigation. No print dusting, nada. And if they do get lucky and catch one of the little bastards, the DA won't prosecute--too hard to get a conviction and they are worried about their rate. And the poor guys are soooo busy. And if there is an arrest and if there is a conviction, the courts turn them loose, and they are back prowling that night. Is this what we want or pay for? I just moved out of Parkland for peace of mind--the place is burglary central! Two houses within 200 feet of my house had their front door kicked in the middle of the day and were ransacked. And, again, no investigation or anything. In one, the owner, a nice young lady, did some checking and found out it was a druggie from Graham. She called and he basically admitted the crime and laughed. And the police? They told her it was his word (a druggie with a record) against hers (clean) and the druggie who had given him up to her. So they didn't even talk to him.

    Contrast that with the radio report yesterday. In some city, people were lined up for the release of the new LeBron James Nike shoe. Yeah, I know and agree--dumbasses! But, some enterprising perp figured here's all these guys with at least $180 each waiting outside a closed store so he went down the line robbing them. One of the shoe lovers had a cc permit and shot the guy--dead. Didn't even get out of line. Bought his shoes and went home. Cops came, cleaned up the mess, and there was no arrest and apparently no hassle. Could be that's where we're headed as a society.

    Alex, ya need any contributions for ammo?
  7. Police and DA's are too busy running sting operations on espresso stands. Ya, our priorities are slightly off kilter.

    Kudos to the dude in line to buy shoes for doing us all a favor. YES, I did say that. A person who makes the decision to rob others also makes the decision to suffer any and all consequences related to that decision.
  8. It's too bad. I can think of a lot more pleasant prospects for our cultural future. But we'll step up if we have to. Resilient critters, people.
  9. Thanks, Bill, I'm good! Back in my day, we went through about 300 rounds a day in practice, but I hear it's up over a thousand now. Powder's coming back on line now here, as well as the other components, and I have a room dedicated to reloading all my firearms, but I'd draw the line at shooting that much! Small wonder they prefer light calibers now, rather than the M-14 some of us used to carry. Looks like now, it's kinda like dove hunting in Argentina!

  10. I can generally look at dogs and tell which ones will bite.

    You may just be addressing your comments to the toughest senior citizen on the board. (and I don't mean myself. I'm a pussycat)
  11. Everyone is tough as nails on a forum.

    I dont discount his 'tough guy persona', I was questioning is idealogy and the impact it would have on his life after the incident was over and accountability was layed on his hands. To say i will kill somebody from far away with a rifle for vandaliziing my vehicle is fine, if he thinks his actions are warranted that is his view, the rest of his life in prison will give him time to reflect on his 'tough guy persona'. I wasnt calling him out, he can prove his point if the situation arises, and then i will send a box of chocolates to his prison cell mate.
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  12. Not to mention, everyone gets all serious as a heart attack about every post.

    Do you really think someone would put a round thru someone if they broke into that persons vehicle? I don't. Do you think a round might go within earshot of someone who is breaking into someone's vehicle? Possibly. Do you not think a person would give careful consideration for how their life would change in regards to their decision to take whatever action they are going to take? I do. No need to worry too much about hypotheticals........ Unless, of course, you want to worry about such things.
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  13. Let's strap a meat shirt to them, then wrap them up is a sheep suit and give them a 3 minute head start before we release a pack on hungry re-introduced wolfs
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  14. Peyton, I've already proved my point both here in Washington with the two shitheads I caught trying to rip my truck off, and with more than one little dipshit who thought he'd rob the local Safeway on Alhambra Boulevard in Sacramento, then hop the fence and hide in my back yard. The last moron didn't even have sense to put his little .38 away, and got introduced to Mr. 870. If he'd have even breathed out of rhythm, it would have been a closed-casket funeral for him given the load in the tube. Save your chocolates for the 5 bastards I sent to the graybar motel, and the two I sent running naked down Mountain Home Road.
  15. I'd like to read the book Alex but seriously, you must hang out in some shitty neighborhoods. My life is so boring.
  16. OK, but a Baby Ruth bar would look more realistic.
  17. Gawd, this is one awesome thread.

    You guys sure know how to break up a crap day at work. Wasn't for this thread I likely would have quit my job a couple of times.

  18. That's downtown Sacto for you, David. It's been my observation that in places where you don't need to carry, you can, and places where you need to, you can't-legally that is.
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  19. Lived there once but that was long ago, when you didn't need to lock doors (and I was driving a 3 wheeler). I maintain a CWP, but don't really need it on my usual path. God speed to you though. I may begin carrying around certain trailheads, but truthfully think I'd rather surrender my wallet than shoot some kid, and right or wrong fret over my decision for years.
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  20. Alex makes his point. Right down to letting us know that he's shot people. Well, if that's his thing then that's his thing. I'm going to the river to fish. Not hide in the bushes so I might get the chance to shoot someone. Totally different head. That and the fact that he has more than one incident to report on while most others don't even have one. So... Hides in the bushes for the chance to shoot someone and is the common denominator in a greater than average number of shootings...

    It's hard for anyone to KNOW what they'll do if it comes to pulling the trigger. And for anyone that wonders, I'll just say that you'll probably do just what you imagine you would. That's how it was for me. Sorry if anyone here enjoys the details like in Alex's post. But being able to do it isn't the same as being eager to do it again.

    Did anyone miss my point?

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