Parking and looters

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  1. Who fuckin' cares, the real action is with the dude makin' people run down the road in their birthday suits.
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  2. No. You'd like to buy a tweaker some beer to make up for the fact that he was probably raised by loser parents and needs a handout. You'd also like for him to be comfortable while chugging down your beer. That's why you left the doors open and beer inside rather than just setting it outside and locking up.

    I'm guessing it's nothing more than you have a guilty conscience. You think the wealthy should be taxed more to pay for those poor peoples habits so you're doing your small part to ease the burden you've been carrying around because you're some upper middle class white guy who should be paying more in taxes.....? Or, more likely, you're giving some poor tweaker some doughnuts and beer because you think someone just slightly more wealthy than you should be taxed more and taking care of the little loser but since they're not you're going to do your little part to try and get over your guilt....?

    Am I close?
  3. Game, set, and match to PT.
  4. Hardly. The guy deserved it. I'd do it again. I slept like a baby. Blah blah blah... For me it's more like an unfortunate reality. Just something a man had to do when it came time. Certainly not something to be proud of or brag about.

    I came up on the wrong side. How else does someone end up in that position? Distinctly NOT upper middle class. You missed. People often mistake me for educated or from a good upbringing because I have a vocabulary and the ability to reason.

    As far as the beer... You know that scene in the corny movies where the burglar throws a steak so the dog will chase it? It's more like that. I'm only interested in my own goals. Fishing. Not hunting people.

    If you guys want to PM me where you'll be fishing I can skip the empty car/beer plan. I'll just go where you guys do. Then I'll know someone is armed, hiding in the woods and watching the cars instead of fishing ;)
  5. I came up with the ultimate solution!!! Screw the beer for tweakers. Leave the van unlocked with a dozen or two doughnuts. The place will be crawling with cops by the time you get back from fishing.
  6. or fat kids...
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  7. 10"er...........

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  8. Or fat cops.

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  9. Laced with strychnine maybe.
  10. Damn!! You REALLY hate cops!!!
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  11. Any attorneys on this board?

    What I'm wondering is, what exactly are you legally allowed to do in situations involving theft or destruction to one's property? It's more clear in my mind if there's a threat to one's own person, but what about material items? Yell at them and request they desist with a cherry on top? What if the object is your wife/girlfriend? i.e. what is another party legally allowed to do? (The London beheading comes to mind).
  12. A cop once told me that a law is only a law if your caught breaking it. Ergo, you can do whatever you want to. As long as you don't get caught or are willing to accept the consequences. On the not getting caught note, guns are noisy.

    And as to leaving doughnuts. I'm not sure if I can choose between cops and tweakers for company.
  13. Can you elaborate? I'm not sure if I'm understanding that correctly.

    I only ask because someone once assaulted my mom right in front of me. I was so shocked and surprised at the time that I froze, so it was over before I could intervene. But as a descendent of the Wallace clan, two minutes later I wanted to go back and kill the f$%##@.

    I hope I'm not straying from the original topic, but just wondered if any of you have been in this kind of situation and how you reacted. That London event, where people just stood there (video recording) like sheep while one of their servicemen was beheaded struck me as shamefully pathetic. That woman who attempted to "reason" with those butchers was lauded as hero, but I think it was just plain stupid and lucky. I realize there's little an unarmed citizen can do in the face of a machete, but seeing it on video gave it a unique perspective. Sorry to digress from the OP; these kinds of things came to mind since we're also discussing how we "deal" with perpetrators and our property.
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  14. If you're contemplating carrying a firearm for personal and property protection, the two "must read" books are:
    Washington State Gun Rights and Responsibilities by Dave Workman, andIn the Gravest Extreme, The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection by Massad Ayoob.
    Workman can be read in a couple hours, Ayoob in a day. I read them every other year in average. In a nut shell though, only in a rare situation would it be acceptable (legal) to shoot someone running away, even if he has the family treasure. There's much more but the key thought is only if you or someone else is in peril.
  15. No I'm not considering carrying, although I'm certainly all in favor of it for those who want to. Nor would I threaten someone with one for stealing my stuff. I carry a holstered fixed blade for life and death scenarios. But I'd be interested to know what we can legally do to protect someone else. Legalities probably go over my head...
  16. I wouldn't be looking to a flyfishing forum for that kind of information.

    "Yes, your honor. Iflyforfun on said it was legal to chase someone down and stab them in the back for stealing a 6 pack of Oatmeal Stout from my unlocked car." ;)
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  17. Poor PT; doesn't even know that real lives are lived out on this here interwebs, and that this shit really matters!!

    and who brings up Oatmeal stout when it's like 85 degrees out? ROOKIE!
  18. Ever hear of breakfast?
  19. Fair enough. Just thinking outloud, really.
  20. If you can park without the tweakers seeing you park, put a sign in the window, "Honey, I'll be back in a minute. Love, Alex"
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