Parking and looters

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  1. I guess the beer got too expensive or changing up demographics?


  2. First time I met the father-in-law, a notorious drunkard, was at a shitty townie bar with a wall of champions. The place was called "Stars" in Hingham, Massachusetts. See if you drank every single brew in the house, they'd punch your card and 200 beers later you'd get your name up on the wall, with a star beside it, you were a champion. Get it? Stars? Right well anyway. Old man F-I-L has like twelve stars on the wall, so he's a twelve star alcoholic and all. And I look at the selection and out of those 200 beers I order up a Sheaf's Oatmeal Stout. Dude looks at me, pauses to suck in some smoke, and in his thick Boston brogue, "that's the wuust fuckin' beeah they have in this baahh"
  3. Well glad to meet you too old man!

    I've had many a proper piss up thanks to the Sheaf stout, thankyouveddymuch.
  4. I wonder how much more effective the honey I'll be back in a minute note might be if there's an NRA sticker in the window and an empty gun rack?
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  5. I've always thought a Marines sticker and possibly NRA sticker on the back of the canopy would do a lot to deter any crooks. But, I'm not a member of either fraternity and have too much respect for the Marines to place their sticker on my truck knowing I don't deserve it.
  6. I am a knife guy! But only from the stand point that it is a tool. Most of my knives are one of a dozen or so SAKs. But I do have 2 or 3 that might be construed as "tactical". All you really need to do is google images for knife fights and you will come around (i promise you) to the position that NO ONE comes out of a knife fight well. MAYBE, and a rare maybe, if you've had something like special forces training. And It's very possible that the BG has had some training, in which case you (or I) are likely fucked. Don't go there.

    An old adage that some of you have heard, and I fully believe is: "If you're going into a fair fight, your tactics are wrong." The courts don't believe this but my opinion is to keep your powder dry until the line has been crossed. Then, no mercy. I too am capable of horrific acts.
    But don't listen to me.
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  7. Hm. Maybe the NRA sticker, honey be right back note, (or, Cletus, be right back in poor handwriting) and an empty ammunition package on the passenger seat.
  8. Nobody has suggested leaving one of these in your rig while fishing

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  9. For sure. But I'd sure rather have a knife than a fly rod if I'm assaulted with a bat etc. One hit to the head and it's over. My colleague took one punch to the jaw after verbally confronting someone attempting to break into his car. He went down, struck his head on the pavement and went into a coma. Lived, luckily. They have a knife, I'm doing everything to get the HELL out of there; fight only if I'm pinned w/o any other option. Knives have saved people in rare wildlife attacks, although I'd prefer mace, horns, etc.
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  10. Now THAT'S a great idea. I'm going to borrow this idea if you don't mind.
  11. Knives are ok, but pretty useless in a gunfight. Reminds of of the old joke: two drunks go outside to tussle. Someone shouts, "look out, he has a razor!" The second drunk calmly slurs, "I'm not worried, he doesn't have anywhere to plug it in."
  12. Shadow, I'm sorry if my post seemed glib in the face of your dramatic encounter. Obviously, being unaware, I meant no disrespect. But it's true just the same. A cop DID say that to me. And it makes some sense. After all, no evidence = no conviction. Of course your interested in the actual laws and not a philosophical discussion about them. Since I carry a blade, like you, I haven't looked into the gun laws. So I would look on line and/or default to the books suggested by David.

    I CAN tell you that any pocket knife with a blade over three and a half inches is likely to get confiscated and possibly get you a citation. Any sheath knife over five inches could get attention though it's not technically illegal. But a large sheath knife would definitely get attention from law enforcement if you're not camping, hunting, fishing. etc. This is because of a bill (that I didn't bother to look up) about carrying anything that can do personal harm. Be it a gun, knife or maybe even a club. It's written really vague.

    The blade I carry is NOT legal. But I consider the risk of citation an insurance payment to have it on hand. I didn't start carrying it for encounters with dirtbags. I started carrying it because I was seeing too many mountain lions on the Ca. streams I fished. I'm amused now that I think of it that I moved from San Jose, Ca. to the PNW and it's HERE that I may need to use my knife as self defense against a person instead of a cat.!? As noted. A knife is the wrong weapon for a gun fight.
  13. None taken. I see what you were referring to now, and I carry one for the same reasons: very unlikely but potentially lethal circumstances that I'm ready to take a legal risk for. But yeah...a gun, forget it.
  14. My wife does. She will leave her car unlocked in grocery store parking lots and other places. Even though our 70 pound 'wolf' comes from a line that has been domesticated for 30,000 years, it isn't all that friendly towards strangers and I wouldn't want to be the stranger that busts a window and reaches in when she is on the other side.
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  15. Keep in mind that they're just helping themselves to things "we didn't earn"... so to some this is simply an honorable redistribution of ill-gotten booty. I would suggest a box of Hostess Tweaker's in lieu of beer as they are fortified with a complex mix of chemicals sure to help keep them in a state of never-never land.
  16. Talking about leaving your car unlocked while you go shopping. Here in Montana they will get out of their pickups leave the motor running and go into the local Safeway to shop.

    I never lock my truck up when shopping here. Only in the Walmart parking lot in Butte will I lock it up. I keep all my fly rods in the back all strung up. Don't want to tempt some bum. And there are a few there.

  17. Reading through this thread, pretty sure nobody here thinks that........
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  18. A friend of mine keeps his beater truck doors unlocked, and a fresh package of Oreos under the seat for the drive home. So far, no one has stolen his Oreos.
    So my idea I had of leaving some "adulterated" snacks in my rig might not work. But if it did, knowing that some car-jacking perp developed severe stomach cramps and diarrhea.... well, that would almost be consoling.

    Hey Freestoneangler, I heard that Hostess Tweakers are coming back on the shelves! This might be an opportunity! Do you think a tweaking car-jacker might take the bait? I'll bet that they could be injected with something, right thru the package, and a tweaker POS wouldn't even notice. Hell, that probably wouldn't make 'em any worse for one's health than they are already.

    Can't afford to keep a trunk monkey, even if I could find one, although I'd sure like to rent or lease one!
  19. Well, just as a knife is the wrong weapon for a gun fight, it can be a huge advantage in a fist fight. But I agree that a knife isn't the best tactical advantage in a fight. In fact, if I were fighting a guy with a knife and I didn't have one I would grab the nearest large stick, floor lamp or any other improvised cudgel that gave me more reach than my adversaries blade. But I didn't start carrying mine to fight people.

    One of the funnier posts I've read since joining said: "If you go up that way be sure to bring some pest repellent. A .38 should do."

    My knife offers a little more advantage than most. I made it. It's a large recurve bowie with an 11" blade of 1/4" O1 tool steel. Long, slightly front heavy and spooky sharp. The sort of knife that would literally lop things off with each stroke that made contact.

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