Partially Drank Bud Light Lime 24oz for sale or trade

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by obiwankanobi, Mar 23, 2011.

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  1. I bought this tonight thinking that some level of intoxication would get me in the mood to tie some bugs but after a few delicate sips, I realize that this is not settling well with my stomach. After almost pouring this into the sink, I thought that maybe someone might want it since its almost full and still cold. If I put my ear to the opening I still can hear the carbonation churning up its lime enhanced goodness. I would be looking to trade this or sell this to interested parties. Buyer pays shipping and international offers will not be considered due to US regulation.
  2. I tried some once....only one word to describe it...NASTY.

    Now clean off your desk. ;)
  3. As a rule, I don't drink Budweiser products, but strangely I do enjoy their Chelada during a warm summer day on the river.
  4. Poor it out, the best way to recoup your cash would be to recycle the aluminum. That stuff is gross and not even worth the can it's packaged in.
  5. I will trade you for 4 digested beers, in a 24 oz can. You can pick up though.


    It was quality beer. It was Salmon Fly Honey Rye from Madision River Brew Co.
  6. What were you thinking? You can't tie quality flies without a quality beer. You deserve the queasiness it gives. Drink too many of those and then you are fishing beads.

  7. Sigh ..... Wayne, Wayne, Wayne .... what shall we do with you and your "quality beer."

    Anyone worth his salt knows!

    A good Single Malt is the only way to go.

  8. PM sent
  9. PM not sent.
  10. Bitterroot, I appreciate your offer, I just hate to let this go for a 12oz PBR.

    This Bud is still available for you.
  11. Where do you live. Would you be willing to meet?
  12. I live in MT but for the right offer I would be willing to meet halfway.
  13. Is this a good beginner's beer? My twins just turned 21 this past weekend and I am thinking of getting them a cheap beginner's setup to see if they like drinking before I sink some serious bucks into some quality gear. Besides they say you should learn with a slow action beer before moving up to the fast action stuff.

  14. Ok Wayne, let me get this straight. You have 21 year old twins, both in college, and you think they are beginners????:beer1:
  15. Any Budweiser product would better be left in the Clydesdale a little longer.

  16. Man, what a bunch of beer snobs. The guy offers up a gently used can of Bud Light and all the highbrows with their opinions start coming out of the woodwork.

    If it's still available I'll take it. I actually like Bud Light. Not as much as Bud Heavy but I'd never turn one down.
  17. Wanna trade a Cliff bar?
  18. I think the eau de lime essence qualifies that liquid as toilet bowl cleaner. Put it to good use around the house.
  19. Holy match made in heaven!

    Up for trade: 1 tallboy Rainier with original 6 pack ring still attached. The first six months it was rolling around the back of my truck I considered it a back up. The next six months it was more of an emergency brewski. 6 months later I was just so amazed it hadn't died I just couldn't remove it. Now I consider it a classic and am reluctant to get rid of it. But the fact that yours clearly has more than 16oz left and the added lime goodness is just too much to pass up. Besides, spent beers make the best popsicles...
  20. Question, With a lime in it doesn't that mean its a cocktail?
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