Pass - 10/27

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Stonefish, Oct 28, 2013.

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    Fished Pass yesterday starting at around 9:00.
    9 rainbows to hand, all caught casting and stripping a minnow pattern in towards shore.
    Gold chenille body, gray chinchilla back like a zonker and pronounced red gills.
    Biggest fish might have 17". The fish fought ok but not great.
    Had one follow from a large brown but no hook up.
    Saw a few shucks on the water no real hatch other then some dragon flies buzzing around. Didn't see a riser all day except for the one that tried to eat my indicator.
    Still some algae on the shorelines and the water still has a bit of a green hue to it, but still very fishable.
    Only three boats on the lake and it seemed all had about the same success.
    Called it a day around 2:00 when the wind picked up enough that leaves and fir needles started landing in my boat.
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    The wind kicked my ass yesterday! It almost was scary how hard and sudden it hit.