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  1. I had not planned to fish today, however a Saturday evening phone call from Ira changed that rather quickly. He informed me that he was planning to fish Monday, always a good draw, and that Tim Lockheart was also going to fish. Well that was more of a lure than I needed, so I quickly made arrangements to head up there this morning. Late last night, James (Jimmydub) decided he would join me, so him and I threw our gear in my rental and headed on up.

    We got to the lake around 7, and the sight of active fish had us scrambling to get our gear in order. We quickly cast off, and headed down towards the point. Within little time at all James quickly jumped ahead of me by picking up a nice rainbow on his waste troll leech, and then proceeded to stick two more in short order to go up on my 3-0. Not a good start! I missed a couple tugs on the way down the lake, but wasn't having much action. When I got down to the orchard I caught up with Tim for the first time. Was very cool to finally get to meet him! We spent the next hour or so working over the orchard area, where I was able to pick up two fish on micro leeches just off the bottom. Somewhere in there Ira rowed up in his pram, and after a bit of debating I decided to get out of my tube and into the boat with him. That proved to be a wise decision.

    After getting situated in the boat, we decided to troll over towards a spot that has been productive for us in the past. This particular spot is kinda just out in the middle of the lake, with little in the way of distinguishing features. We anchored up in about 20' of water, hoping to find a happy fish or two, and instantly started getting into fish. Fishing started off a bit slow at first, but we already knew that would be the case.... You see, earlier in the morning Tim informed us that around 11:30 the fishing was going to get good. Ira gave him a good ribbing about his prediction skills.... Well, I hate to admit it... But at 11:30 on the dot, Ira and I hooked into a double and it was game on from there on out. Initially I had the hot rod, and I pulled out ahead of Ira in the fish count. But then things changed and the tables turned, and it was Ira's turn to catch back up. We ended up staying at this location for the remainder of the day. We were both fishing similar patterns just off the bottom under strike indictators, and the action stayed consistent pretty much all day long. We had a few lulls in the action, at which point Ira would start the 10 minute clock to when we would move locations... But without fail the fish found us before the clock was up.

    I was in FINE form today with my fishing antics. I mean to tell ya, I pulled out all the stops. After putting on a fantastic display of fish landing ability in front of Tim, (When a slip indicator doesn't slip, it's a real pain in the ass in a float tube!), I followed that up with an acrobatic hook set that nearly resulted in me putting both of us in the drink! I set the hook, and was stripping like mad trying to catch up to the fish when I leaned too far back and fell right over onto my right side. I became wedged between the hull and the chairs, and couldn't move. All I could do was hold my rod as high as I could, strip like mad, and laugh my ass off. Ira eventually gained his composure in time to help haul my fat ass back to a seated position, and then quickly set the hook on his own rod... All that and we still pulled off a double! After that I managed to achieve multiple line tangles, stumbles, and at one point lost a fish that jumped clear over Ira's floating line and then went back under, completely wrapping me in Ira's line.

    I had to be back in Everett by 6pm for work, so at 4pm I told Ira "Ok, at 4:15 we row in... I absolutely can't stay longer". I then proceeded to stick two fish, three minutes apart, to end the day. Fantastic! Grand total I ended up with 16 fish to the net, with another 4-5 that I lost due to my great technique today. I also missed multiple take downs on the indicator. Ira lost count eventually but I'm sure he was at least at 16 fish if not more. No matter the numbers, a fantastic day for the middle of Feb. I could not have had a more enjoyable day on the water. Fishing with James, Ira, and Tim was a real hoot. James tied up to Ira's pram for a couple hours and we had a grand time cracking jokes and laughing at my fine form as I jumbled around the pram. Great, great Febuary day spent with great company. Just doesn't get any finer than that.
  2. Great report Nick! That was a fun read.
  3. AHHHH good read and great you can take a ribbing! (heck if you got stuck I'd even be ribbing ya ;))

    I don't know what it is but I can fish like a pro for a bunch of trips, then it seems that one trip all hell brakes loose! usually when I am extra excited and just can't calm down :confused: so I rush everything and screw up all day long. At least you didn't fly out of the pram (and sink head first) Like I have seen happen to some people. And rushing your casting (over excited) while fishing 20' with indi's (two flies with a split shot for me) can be just plain dangerous let alone tangle prone! Yeah Nick - been there done that, but man what a blast!!!

    I'd be extra excited with that crew too!
  4. Great fishing report! Man, I miss that lake.
  5. Super report Nick. Sounds like a great day on the water. Tim is THE MAN, listen to what he says!! I finally got to meet him at the FF Show and am looking forward to fishing with him some time.

  6. There is nobody better at laughing at me than I am! God, I can only imagine how loud I would have been howling if I was watching the spectacle instead of leading it. Truth be told, it was a pretty close call and it came quite close to putting us in the drink. As it was, the boat listed hard and took quite a bit of water over the side before I was able to get situated. Was scary for a brief moment.
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  7. Even in what appears to be the most benign situations, a reminder we should all be considering PFDs. That water is mighty cold this time of year! Glad it all ended in a great time! I wish I could have been there, but in a way I was actually, thanks to your sharing the story Nick.
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  8. Yeah Nick, that was funny after my rescue mode wore off. I was tied up to the guys, and I was thinking of having to cut loose to perform a water rescue. Yikes! It ended up being an assisted catch, Ira performing the landing (and helping Nick dust himself off).

    It was great meeting Tim and Ira, talk about a couple great fisherman. Ira had a great spot lined up at the end of the day, I'm assuming he kept picking off fish right next to the launch after we left.
  9. After spending a tremendous amount of time in my Pram with someone much more prone to klutzyness (me) I now possess a sixth sense of balance in the boat. I quickly matched your fall and wedge by listing/falling in the opposite direction, thus saving us a soaking. The bailing wasn't to bad. You did an excellent job not worrying about anything but the fish and I was happy to take that 1/2 for you by holding your rod briefly. Shocking for me was finally situating everything back up only to half notice my indicator twitch. Double Baby! I thought for sure there would have been 3 broken rods but in the end nothing broken until I found the wound later on my Loomis. No big deal, but you'll want to test your rods as well before fishing them again, just to make sure.

    That Daphne bloom was amazing at the launch and Jimmy, you are right I sat right there and continued to pick off fish until it was just to dark to fish. At number 10 I decided to take some quick video so I have film of a fish in the net, me casting back out and 20 seconds later another take under and fish on. I didn't really keep count, but I figure conservatively I ended up with about another 18 fish after you guys left. Lake to myself many take unders with hard fighting bows between 15"-19"... I'll admit I hooted and hollered a bit even though there was no one around to hear me.
  10. That was a phenomena to behold. Those fish aren't stupid, they know where to get their snack on. Were they keyed in on anything in particular?
  11. DUDE....... are you freaking kidding me??? My phone was dead till late so didn't get your text till the wee hours of the morning but I didn't think you meant 18 more!!!! God it killed me to have to leave that! I knew you would slay em

    Man I feel so awful about your rod. As I was going over I did notice you kinda falling towards the opposite corner...well played! To pull off a double in the midst of that chaos was spectacular. And yes since I ended up having to pass off my rod for a minute while getting back up that I only got to count it as 1/2 fish since Ira helped.

    (Of course, after witnessing Ira's new method of insuring he gets to see his indicator go under I'm not sure if his report of 18 more can be believed. I'm leaning towards he caught the same fish 18 times!)
  12. You using your micro leach?

  13. I was using the same thing I'd been using all day long, a micro leech. I broke off a couple of fish that very quickly took me right into the woods, would have like to have seen them. I'd landed two before you guys were out of the parking lot. At about the 11 fish things slowed down a bit, but I still managed to keep it going by casting a bit further up into the swarm.
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  14. Great report Nick! Thanks for conveying the fun in the report! I can hear the laughing from Ipra's pram as I read this thread :)
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  15. Ira, you're tied with Lue for best on-the-water laugh from a pram.

    Nick, I'm placing you a solid 2nd overall in eagle sparring. Salzer is still the king with his excellent form and undying prowess while attached to a massive brown, but you did it with a 15 ft leader and won. Impressive. Anyhow, I can't decide what's better between your post and hearing the story from Ira over the phone. Either way it was pretty entertaining, even from across the lake. Best for me was getting to hang out w/ you and James for the first time - you've been on my list of guys to meet for months now. Good work out there and keep me in mind for one of those Martha trips!
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  16. I had almost forgot about the eagles! They were harassing us all day. That one came down super close to me while I was clowning around with my first fish.

    Tim it was great to meet you out there finally! We were bummed we didn't get to fish near you more once we moved across the lake. We should all definitely meet up at Martha one of these days. I've really enjoyed fishing that lake since James introduced me to it.
  17. You know Mark, methinks we need to arrange for you to come up sometime and join us up on Pass. I have a feeling that we would all have a BLAST fishing together.
  18. I know :cool: I could stop and pick my daughter up on the way and camp for a weekend. but she needs to work and go to school so time is an issue. But yeah, I have to get up there with you guys. I like laughing and ribbing - hooking - "N-FISHING"
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  19. Nick you may not want to get that stand up paddleboard, at least not as a fly fishing platform...
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  20. Hah Wiser words words were never


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