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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Theron, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. My wife and I rented a home on Whidbey this morning and took a drive later to burn off some energy. We stopped at Pass Lake just to have a look. There were several vehicles in the lot and I could see a few people on the water fishing. I can't wait to be a resident here and start fishing all the local Lakes and Beaches.
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  2. If you like lake fishing, Pass will become a favorite.
    Welcome to the area...
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  3. Welcome! Lone will also become a favorite as well and it is also on the island.
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  4. Theron,

    I came off the water today at 4:30 pm. A good day with an extended midge hatch.

    As you no doubt saw the wind was from the North. It usually come from the South.

    I thought there might be a stacking of fish at the launch end of the lake as well as the Southern portions of some of the coves. For me that did not appear to be the case. Fish were found all over the lake.

    Pass is a gem, I hope you get to fish it and often.

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  5. Theron
    If you are still on the island Saturday, your club, WIFFC will have members helping the Fidalgo club conduct a weigh and measure study on Pass Lake. Stop in and introduce yourself! Does not look like I will be attending but as lo for Clarence. He is the guy in the beautiful strip built pram.

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  6. We are flying back to Nebraska Thursday to put our house on that market and make final plans for the move. I will have a pram by the time we move and I have a couple of float tubes so I am ready to start learning Lake fishing on Whidbey. I don't have to take the ferry or drive too far for either Lone or Pass Lake so I am excited. I look forward to meeting some of you and doing some fishing. We have a great home just about 200 yards from the beach, surrounded by trees a few miles South of Coupeville.
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  7. Making new friends shouldn't be too difficult... ;)
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  8. Let me know when you're settled and want to hit Lone.
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  9. Thanks, I will. It will probably be early May by the time we get settled in. We are hoping for a late April move. I am looking forward to learning the intricacies of lake fishing here in Washington. The bass, crappie and blue gill I am used to are a whole different ball game.
  10. Lincoln huh? My wife has family there. Good place to be.....from. Welcome to the 'hood.
    Yes, I plotted you on my wall map yesterday. Your game should be primarily Pass & Lone lakes (shhh & Cranberry), and hitting the West side for SW when the wind & tide is favorable. Give the East side a decent shot too. You're not far from the Skagit & Stilly. Whidbey is a great place.
    Grab a bottle of wine and watch the sunset from Mt Erie sometime too. It's close and one of the best views in the State.
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  11. I haven't been to Pass for a long time but I remember some nice Browns and Rainbows. Most of the guys fished Chironomids and the water was really cold, even in neoprene waders. Those were float tube days and I don't use the float tube much these days. I think I'd rather use a pram or a pontoon to stay out of that cold water.

  12. Pass seems to be going through an interesting cycle right now where the fish are on average not as large as in years past. This does not mean that there are not some lunkers still lurking just fewer and further between.

    And yes, a small boat all the way versus a float tube personally, but then again I have one of the worlds smallest bladders, I love coffee and beer, so yeah, that might be part of my motivation.
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  13. Bad combo before riding the float tube :oops: no coffee in the am, and no beer on board when float tubing, I just carry a 12oz water. Once the seal breaks ...then its multiple trips to expel, at least for me. :mad:
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  14. That is pretty much the way it goes for me too. Beer is worse than coffee but both are dangerous. Even water is a problem after the dam breaks.

  15. Ira,

    Do you think this will hold for the browns that we will shortly see come up and feast on the mayfly hatch? Or do you make this comment thinking mostly about the rainbow population. Just curious on that.
  16. Ira is busy so I'll answer on his behalf :D
    3 or 4 seasons ago, and prior, a fair number of them in the 21-23 range were happily taking those mayflies. Lately a nice one is more 18ish, I haven't seen much over 20 in a while now and most are probably 15-16ish. I'll be surprised to see anything different next month. BTW the mayfly hatch itself was a bummer last year so hoping they come back a bit stronger this time.
    The lake does run in cycles and lots of stuff can affect how big they get at a given time. IMO the main issue Pass has is overstocking...way too many fish in there.
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  17. Thanks, and yeah what Tim said. Either overstocking or not enough eagles and otters. ;)

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