Pass Lake 1/24

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  1. I went out to Pass yesterday. 4-5 others fishing while I was there. Didn't see anyone with a fish on. I spent a good part of my day working around the lake with streamers, as I prefer to do. Slowest day I've ever had. No fish, no strikes, and no followers. I changed it up for a bit and slow trolled around the back end of the lake. Got one lethargic bump but no hookup. Finally, I set up with an indicator/chironomid. I watched my bobber for about 20-30 minutes and it didn't budge. So I headed back to the launch, flipping a streamer toward some brushy banks, which again yielded nothing. Long, cold day, and my most challenging outing to Pass in a long time. I did find a couple of choice patterns snagged on a submerged branch near the launch, so I retrieved them. Looks like the synthetic material flies are really evolving! Let me know if you lost these at Pass Lake, I'd be happy to have a WDFW officer return them to you. image.jpg
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  2. I sure hope this doesn't mean some *&$%^ planted bass in there and was trying to find out how they were doing!
  3. Dust em for prints.....jerks!
  4. Uh, sorry about that, those are mine, just using my 10wt switch with an extreme shooting head to try to scare me up some of those monster browns. ;)

    Ignorance is an amazing thing that we all suffer from, but some folks certainly do suffer worst than others.

    Thanks for the report, bummer it wasn't a better day for you out there, but I like how you didn't give up and you kept trying different things. My last time out was slowish as well with only a couple of key places producing fish.
  5. I don't know how many times I've seen people fishing conventional tackle at that turnout right as you come up to the launch.

    I fished it a couple weeks back and similar results with the streamer, 5-6 follows but no committal.

  6. Ira, you must have a HUGE bobber to fish that spinner bait vertical. :eek:
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  7. There, I fixed it for you.
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  8. You two are talking about fishing, right?
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