Pass Lake Advice?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by boltej, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. boltej New Member

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    I'm on Whidbey Island for the day tomorrow and will head up to Pass Lake near Deception Pass in the morning. I've never fished there, and any suggestions on patterns or other technique for the lake would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance...

    - jb
  2. Eric B Montana hillbilly

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    I can usually pick up a few on the old reliable bead-head leech/wolly bugger in olive or brown. I'd try deep this time of year early in the morning or at dusk. Also, go to the rocks at the NW side of the lake and cast toward shore to try to pick up a brown. If that doesn't work, try a San Juan worm a few feet under an indicator or chironomids at different depths till you find something that works. I know that isn't too exciting, but I have been surprised by some good takes by big rainbows if I can be patient.

    Hope that helps. I'm not sure what the water temp is up there, but this summer hasn't been too hot, so it shouldn't be a problem.
  3. Scott Keith Member

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    I was there on Saturday and couldn't pick up anything on any leach patters, or chirnomids... although it was probably my technique. I did however have success with an 18 parachute adams and a 14 elk hair caddis. I would sight cast to the rainbows that were cruising around near shore sipping flys off the surface. To the right of the "boat launch" there is some overgrowth that usually holds some decent fish, And then on the left side of the lake (looking at it from the boat launch) past the weeds in the middle I have found good size rainbows cruising. I managed to get 2 in the 15-16 inch range, 1 20 inch and 1 3 inch...

  4. J Wood Member

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    Fished Pass lake for the first time on Saturday. Was trying a bunch of different flies both above and below the surface. Caught two nice sized rainbows 17" on a black ant. They were feeding on something else as well, a tiny mayfly hatch that I didn't have anything small enough to match. I was surprised at the lack of fight that these fish put up. Still nice to get out and catch a couple though!
  5. Islander Steve

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    One of my buddies has been doing well on chironomids in the early afternoon hours. For me it's big streamers, deep, from 5pm until dark.
  6. ceviche Active Member

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    I've noticed that it's termite season in my backyard. Keep an eye out. That might be the reason ant patterns are working. Otherwise, you might try Islander's deep streamer technique. You might also try stripping it back in real fast. I've resorted to that in the past when it started to look like I couldn't even buy a strike. And it works! Consider that my ace-in-the-hole.
  7. Sean Beauchamp Hot and Heavy at yer 6

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    ive been stirring up some nice fish frantically stripping minnow patterns just under the surface. intermediate line and quick stripping morning and evening tossing up shallow, with many takes right at the tube so make sure to fish it all the way back and strip faster if you see one give chase. afternoon i'll toss on the type III and dredge smallish size 12 buggy brown seal patterns deeper (10-12' depths). the highway side lends itself well to that. when the fish are cruising and sipping up shallow make sure youve got a variety of small emergers because they tend to get really keyed in on the munch fest and ignore anything other than a damn good representation.

    .....but my favorite pass lake advice:

    buy a headlamp and lace up with some stout leaders and ugly flies. keep a firm grip on that rod the bruisers come out at night. troll big nasty roadkill looking patterns my favorite being a beadhead marabou muddler (i think it moves a lot of water and raises their attention) in black fished up tight to shore.. be patient wait out the blackout lull and wait for that line to come tight. maybe ill see you out there....
  8. springer125 Member

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    The freaks come out at night........ along with the ocassional bat.
  9. WT Member

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    I noticed that too. Termites and ant falls can make for a great day up there.
    This time of year is also when you can see big browns and rainbows crashing through schools of minnows right up against the shore, looks just like cohos slashing trough bait balls in the Sound.
  10. Islander Steve

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    iagree There's nothing better than "pig hunting" at night. Should be getting good next month.
  11. Sean Beauchamp Hot and Heavy at yer 6

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    i'll be up there friday evening/night im thinking. PM if you want to join. blue subaru outback, green tube....