Pass Lake - darn large "stockers"

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  1. Fished Pass this afternoon. Mixed success. Only one fish caught chironomiding...nice 18" fish. But enjoyed catching a dozen 16/17" fish dragging an olive bugger. Beautiful fish, heavily spotted and nice color. Fought hard. Funny thing though, they were all in the west end of the lake near the parking lot and someone said he saw them arrive by truck earlier today. Do they really plant fish that size in Pass? Not that I'm complaining, just very curious...
  2. You would have to look at the stocking reports from Fish & Wildlife. I'm too lazy to do it, but it's posted somewhere. I do know some lakes get larger fish.
  3. Best guess w/o being there, I'd say if the "truck" came by they dumped the usual little ones in. The fish you were hitting have been a dime a dozen out from the launch lately. They come in like that every year around now when the larger chironomids start up. That section is a nice breeding ground for them, and I'm positive the protection from wind (it usually blows toward the far shoreline) along with that area laying out like an "end" of the lake are contributors to its popularity for feeding. The rest of Pass is more rounded in shape so the launch area is unique since what I call "Bay 1" narrows down inside of the point (if that makes any sense). Anyhow, the behavior tends to support that. I'm sure the floor through there also matters, but I can't say I know anything that makes it stand out. Surprisingly, I don't see a lot of still fishers exploiting it. Then again, when it's good there the fish are usually at middle depth and moving a lot to pick off food. Cast-count-retrieve-move tends to draw the most strikes.

    Some of our chironomid guys can probably fill in the holes I've left, but that should explain in part why all those 16ers are hanging out at one end. That's my theory anyway.
  4. pass lake is in island county i think the line is drawn for skagit right after pass and right before lake campbell
  5. Pass lake is in Skagit County not Island (it is part of the mainland). They do stock triploids there. The forecast is 162 fish sometime in May so it could have been today. WDFW usually updates where they stocked ecah Thursday or Friday. They figure that each fish averages 1.5# and they eat bugs like crazy.
  6. The parking ticket I got at Pass Lake (for forgetting to display my Discovery Pass) sent me to the Skagit County court.
  7. "Beautiful fish, heavily spotted and nice color. Fought hard."

    This quote tells me they were not raised to that size in a cement pond.
  8. Pass lake fish do fight hard! I had one take off drag screaming! Thought I had a monster and turned out to only be 13" Actually my smallest fish of the day and it fought the hardest. Also most stocked fish wont feed the first day they are in the lake. You may pick up a couple here and there but look for the action to really heat up in about 3 days. I didnt know about the inbound triploids. I may have to suit up Sunday and try to make it out before the work week.
  9. Good to hear Pass is still producing decent fish. I've been on Kaua'i for the last 3 1/2 years and am moving back to the NW next month, to Skagit County. Can't wait to wet my line again in my favorite lake. Also good to be back on Hope to see you all out there soon!

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  10. checked the website. nothing reported for Pass.
    they have Lone lake listed for May 15th.
    will check it again Monday.
  11. Maybe a stocking mistake?
  12. Pass Lake is on Fidalgo Island which is part of Skagit County.
  13. I miss that lake !
  14. On the wdfw web site, Pass was scheduled to get 162 triploids in mid may
  15. so Why do they plant so many fish in Campbell? size of the lake maybe?
  16. Chris, that explains my afternoon fun that day. Thanks!

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