Pass Lake eagle makes the news...

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  1. Now that would be a video I'd like to!

  2. " Yur Honir, I object! My client was certainly NOT fuckin' that eagle!"

    "Objection overruled. No one has ever suggested that he was fuckin' that eagle. That would imply intimate physical contact and the video shows that clearly there was none. Instead the charges are "fuckin' with the eagle" which would fall in the category of an idiomatic expression with a colloquial bent-an expression born of gutter slang and in this case used to suggest that the eagle was being harassed, pestered, intimidated or compromised in some way."

    "Perhaps you have confused the proceedings of this court with Bestiality Court which is in Chamber 3A across the hall."
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  3. These types of encounter are very common on our lakes down here, whether it's the Eagle at Merrill or ospreys on every lake in existence. Eventually, a not-so-rare-anymore bird's going to get a hook in it and the entire world will freak the fuck out. Personally, when the eagle at Merrill buzzes me outta nowhere from a few feet away, it scares the living shit out of me. I'm not about to try and get a fish to hand while it's trying to steal the fish.
  4. You must be referencing ferry county.
  5. +1
  6. i'll tell you guys something, Tony does not hear or have anything to do with his girlfriend narrating "her" video. The only reason she says anything about where is the eagle or there he is, was because she got the crap scared out of her by an eagle taking her fish just an hour or so before.... They are spinning this crap out of control.
    I beleive the real story should be about the severity of the eagle problems and how there are so many of them they are a friggin nuisance.. should be taken off the protected list. We should all be sticking up for him. He is an ethical and fair chase hunter and fisherman. I've seen it for myself..
    About him holding on to the fish for so long, he does it everywhere he fishes. He loves playing it to the end. infact if you look at the video you will see the fish still has plenty of spunk just before the eagle assults him and you will also notice that he reaches behind himself and grabs his net and has it in hand as tho he wishes to land the fish.
  7. I think the important lesson to take from this is how serious some people take the issue. Don't let yourself get into a bad/questionable situation if you can in any way avoid it. I can't speak to the intent of the guy. I can draw some conclusions from the video, but they are probably skewed.

    This is one for the system to figure out.
  8. Next we will get busted for letting a sea lion take the salmon off our lines. It did apear to be very intentional in the eagle case though
  9. I left my cat out in the yard an eagle flew down and caught it.
    I have it on video, only thing it did not fly very far cause the cat was heavy. So then I shoot the eagle to save my cat. Was I baiting, was it illegal to protect my property, this is hypothetical?
  10. Hi Tony!!
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  11. No. Not Tony. But I know him well.
  12. Not the first to do it. Eagle got a meal, man got a laugh, fish got an experience of a lifetime. Mountain out of a mole hill - move on.
  13. Eh he was a shitty fisherman or he was baiting the eagle to give it a free meal and continue its behavior. Any body worth their friggin salt hears wing beats and lets the fish dive - you don't keep it up on the surface waiting for the eagle to take it. That's f'ing stupid. But if he was actually stupid enough to want to catch the eagle he'd have been using heavier line and a bigger hook. The thing he's guilty of is being a dumbshit with a YouTube based esteem.

    Your honor, he either sucks or is a baiter. Yes, a master of baiting. Or, he sucks. Either way your honor, throw the book at him!

    Lol. What a load of crud.

    And btw FU wapiti for joining within a day of this being posted and posting 3x only on this thread. Nice credentials.
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  14. That is THEIR lake and we play by THEIR rules. This has been happening more over the last couple of years, but it is not that big of a deal as you just have to keep an eye on them. Any "eithical" hunter/fisherman would realize that there may be an Eagle or Osprey at a lake that gets fished here in the NW and act accordingly. We as society cannot just declassify animals/birds off the endangered list because they are reclaiming THEIR territory. Controls are put in place to ensure a balance for everybody's enjoyment.

    Try taking a pair of binoculars next time you are out and you may see and appreciate things in a different light.
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  15. This is the dumbest charge I've ever heard of. What he should have done is shoot the eagle to allow him to retrieve his fish. I'd like to do that with the seals and loons, but the Feds don't like it! Besides, all the eagle fans say an eagle won't feed if people are present and will starve to death.....that's why we don't disturb the eagles by fishing the river while they are feeding. It is amazing how we can make a Federal Case out of something that happens in the wild because the folks pushing the agenda have never been out of their house. The guy may have been a jerk but this does not warrant Federal intervention.....
  16. You are right in that it doesn't warrant a fed investigation. Like I said if the guy intended to catch the bird he'd have used heavier line and a bigger hook. Oh wait then he wouldn't have likely hooked an easy bow. He was feeding the eagle and later his ego. He's a dick but won't be prosecuted as such. Don't waste my tax dollars going after him. Unfortunately there isn't a law against being an ass hat. His worst thing really is feeding a C&R fish to a bird. What an ass hat.
  17. Here's a good photo of a similar theft. Look closely (click to enlarge the shot) and you'll see the rod tip and a taunt leader leading down to the fish:

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  18. Wow, great shot!!!!!
  19. Ya, that house sold! ;)
  20. That really is a great photo, but I sure didn't take it; I downloaded it from: Fly Fishing Blog.

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