Pass Lake for Thanksgiving?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by ak_powder_monkey, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Yea or Nay?
  2. I don't see why not. Its gonna be cold, but thats a relative term. Since your from AK it might be down right tropical if you hit the weather right.
  3. Any advice on what to tie? I bet Washintonian lake fish eat way different stuff than Alaskan lake fish... Ours eat wooly buggers, and anything that looks like a leach or dragonfly
  4. if your in a float tube in late november (like me) your gonna want to keep moving. slowly and deeply drag a mini leech behind you with the occasional twitch. hopefully others will chime in with more and better patterns for you.
  5. sculpzilla!
  6. I was thinking stuff like white ghosts might be good? Aren't there a lot of minnow eating browns?
  7. Let us know your plans, there might be a few others that would like to make the trip.

  8. I've had success with larger white streamers. White with a little red and/or silver. Like Scott said, let us know when you'll be there.
  9. done well with the white sparkle at night! hits em hard!!! move slooowww!
  10. Never been skunked. Olive wooley bugger is always good
  11. I agree was there Thursday and got two nice fish on a three inch kiwi muddler very similar to a
  12. a week from wed. its on!
  13. So, "Pass for Thanksgiving" is actually on Wednesday? Please confirm.

  14. yup, can't skip out on the family nice enough to fly me down on thankgiving day can I?
  15. Just a suggestion, the day after THANKSGIVING might be a better choice for this outing.
    More folks might be able to join in, but there may not be a shortage of folks on Friday anyway. Hope the weather is good for you.

    Bye the way, I vote for the OLIVE WOOLY BUGGER
  16. Thinkin im going to head on either Monday or Tuesday. Is anybody plannin on headin up that day? I have not been inawhile but im pickin up a new pair of Simms Waders on sunday so im just itchin to try them out! WHile fishing the big streamer patterns is it best to use a sinktip line, full sink or floating?
  17. 100% full sink. You can leave the others home if you want. Way too many floating lines out there...they'll work if you don't mind getting a fraction of what you could on a sinker. Granted, most of the action is near the top of the water column and/or along the bank but that sinker leaves much less of a footprint while allowing you full control and versatility with depths, presentation, etc. It matters.

    Also keep a smaller profile fly handy...I wouldn't commit the entire day to big streamers. Leech, carey, bugger, etc. in size 8 or 10 is your best goto in these conditions (color will only matter to you)...all sizes of fish are hitting these now.

    Other than that, water temps have been primo since beginning of Oct and my crystal ball shows no adverse change in the near term. Enjoy the action...

    Oh, and about all that activity up against the point...go ahead but don't let them rob you of valuable time. Their sole purpose in life is to occupy you for as long as possible. Even if you hit one or two, first 15 min that goes by fishless - move on. Trust me. That area is holding a ton of food at the moment but that's the problem, plus those fish are getting bombarded all day long...I've seen a lot of guys sit on that spot beating it senseless with little to no results.....for what it's worth :hmmm:

    Good luck!
  18. Thanks for the pointers! Ill let ya know how it goes. Hopefully ill have a few nice bows and browns in the tube:)
  19. Pass Lk Pre-Holiday Report:

    Nov23 – It’s really really on. No surprise the peak of fall action is pretty much now. On the heels of last week’s storms feeding got even more active and I’m seeing a nice cross-section of browns and rainbows. In a nutshell, rainbows have started showing in big numbers and are still on the upswing, whereas you’ll see a few browns (mostly 15-19”) but they’re definitely on the decline. If you’re looking for brown central it already happened…anywhere from 5 to over 10 was common for all of October and up till about 2 weeks ago. I’ve noticed quite a change since surface temps dropped below 50 (now 47). For what it’s worth, Martha WB is coughing up more browns than Pass at the moment, however on total fish Pass will still run triple or more vs. Martha (glad to share info on Martha for anyone planning to chase browns there…plenty of them but it’s tricky – drop me a note).

    Given conditions, I’m expecting Pass to fish much the same over the next several days. Fish can be taken all hours but there are parts of the day worth paying attention to. First and last hour of light are providing a decent push but short lived. Really watch for mid day, roughly 11 to 2…last 2 trips 2/3 of my outing happened in those 3 hours. And many of those rainbows are hanging right against shore. I’m working both that and the open water, pretty much everything in the top 5 ft. Either can be productive at times but overall the shore is holding as many fish as ever right now. For any stretch, if you hit several of them, go back around and run through it stand a great chance of repeat business. Main thing is keep your body out away from them, cast inward and strip out. Sounds like no duh but a lot of guys will troll right against shore and literally run them over. And about trolling, I wouldn’t. OK while relocating but beyond that you’re giving up way too many. Shallow medium-fast retrieves will draw an overwhelming amount of strikes once you’ve located fish. Nice since they’re not as scattered as they were a month ago…where you find one you’ll generally find a handful.

    On stuff – I’m using the same fly all day and its working just fine. Go big if you must but #8 or #10 in any good lake pattern (any color) will do it. Full sink line – I sound like a broken record, I know. This will still outproduce a floater even when working shallow. Like trolling, your floater will work but it’ll cost ya.

    Couple of other things, I mentioned that area against the point in my other post…I found today it will still cough up as long as you don’t sit on it for more than a few casts. Whenever I took a fish out I’d leave and come back later…on the day I took 4 out of there. Also worth mentioning, at times (usually late in the day) their behavior will change and strikes will be more like swats, as in they don’t seem to be as hungry but are still active. If you start losing an unusual number of hookups IT’S NOT YOU. Change out your fly for good measure but only once…it tends not to matter. Not much you can do but keep fishing. Generally this behavior rights itself on its own. A guy I fish with has experienced the same thing at the same time so I know it’s a fish thing. Anyhow this doesn’t always happen but has been lately. My theory – feeding is so active now that I think they simply get “full” for a time.

    If you go during the holiday this should be about right (based on a full outing)…
    New/Novice Fly Fisher: 0 – 12
    Intermediate: 13 – 24
    Advanced: 25+
    Disclaimer: Good for this week only; Skill levels based on stillwater so you metalheads are out of luck; Contains no rocket science so don’t wager any bets :D

    Beyond that, expect some wind but hope for the best…I got pretty beat up today.
    Good luck + have fun out there…

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