Pass lake Lenore or Lenice?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Redcat22, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. I am planing a trip for about 3 days and wondering what you guys think is the best place to hit up? I always go to pass lake and love it but was thinking maybe it is time for something new. I have a pontoon so i can handle bigger water. I prefer to cast and retrieve. Is there any good place to camp by Lenore and Lenice? I have a 22ft trailer.

    Thanks KC
  2. My vote would be lenice.....
  3. I second "Lenice"
  4. Lenice for sure, I encourage you to strap a boombox on your pontoon and troll through the mass of boats.
  5. Good place to camp is all relative. There is plenty of space at Lenice since there is a big parking lot. No facilities expect for a one hole outhouse.

    It is a walk to the lake, no drive in access, so you should have some method to transport the toon.

    Expect company.......

  6. How far from the parking lot to the lake? I am trying to figure out if i can carry my pontoon with 2 people or wheel it in with 1 person.

    Thanks for the help boys!
  7. I would say Lenice... even though I will be there... come have fun...
  8. I'd say about a 1/2-3/4 mile. Open walk down a service road.

  9. Just because I like to be different. If you were to stay in Deception Pass Park you also have access to Cranberry Lake and can make a trip down to Lone. A bit of a drive to Lone but it is an easy trip down and back for a day's fishing. 3 lakes easily fished from a central location plus you could fish Coronet Bay for searuns if you had a hankering for salt.
  10. Lenice is popular for a reason. I've been fishing it since ~1981 and when it's on it's one of the premier lakes in E. Washington. If you haven't been I would start there if for no other reason than every lake fisherman owes it a visit at least once.

    That said, if you wait until April you could always camp at Sun Lakes State park and fish Dry Falls and Lenore.

    If you regularly fish Pass I would say it's time to try something new and would definitely recommend Lenice.
  11. Lenice. Don't forget the pepper spray and tazer

    Try a bit farther East bound and fish Sprague Lake.

    Many more fish and far fewer people
  12. I will have to try that some day when i have more time i am coming from Seattle so trying to find closer lakes.
  13. Keep an eye on the weather. If the winds are howling on the east side, you may be driving a long distance and not be doing much fishing, especially if you are locked into specific days.

  14. Any advice on how to get a full size pontoon boat to the water?
  15. It is very distant and a very dangerous walk, DO NOT GO THERE THIS WEEKEND.

    There will be snakes, ticks, and Allisons, and they all BITE. Go elsewhere!
  16. Go to Lenice, thats where I would go. Pass is the local backyard lake for us westsiders, so going east would be a fun road trip!
  17. Well by the sounds of it i better bring my .45 lol. I won't be going on the weekend i hope to be there 23-26. Can you camp in the parking lot or is there a place near by? Any and all info is much appreciated. I have to say that i love alot of your guys post lol.
  18. I use a homemade cart based on a "Wheel away" boat cart that I bought at Eastside Marine in Bellevue. It is designed to transport a small row boat or dinghy but with a few PVC modifications it makes an ideal transporter for my toon. I easily comes apart to fit in your car and it is equipped with good sized inflatable wheels so it's easy to maneuver. The one obstacle is a barrier gate at the start of the trail so you will need to devise a strategy to get your rig past it. I usually take the old trail to go around it or you can inflate your toon after you cross the gate. Good luck.
  19. Is lenice lake crowded on week days?

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