Pass Lake- my 1st Brown

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by jonbackman, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Great observations Fenders, in fact I've used predators as an indication that fish are around versus the other way around. On several trips on lakes or rivers I've used where birds of prey are targeting there search as an indication as to where fish are concentrating to my advantage. Once on the Clark Fork in Montana I fished several sections of river with no luck but from a distance watched two Osprey circle over one section of river. When I hiked down there the Osprey cleared out and sure enough I started hitting some fish in that section. I moved on and the Osprey moved back. I continued to not catch fish so I moved back to the section again and guess what, I caught more fish. In fact in that section I landed the largest Brown trout of my life all because predators were present.

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    FF - now that I think about it, youre thoughts sound very accurate. I doubt an otter would be trying to catch and eat a trout of decent size. Too bad I promised to be home by 11 a.m. yesterday, sounds like I missed the best part of the day.
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    Gorgeous first brown.
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    ira thats a great point. its like when the swallows come out and swarm the lake surface....time to start casting. >> one other observation that i found rather interesting, at Pass and Martha I've seen tons of fish taken by eagles and osprey but all rainbows (never once a brown).
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    Good observation as well, although I have caught browns on dries at Pass so I wonder why, do they camo better?

    I was fishing the Green river once out of Auburn for what I thought were trout at the time in High School but were probably par when my buddy hooked a fairly good sized fish (8" was good sized) I was watching it when an otter came out of nowhere and shockingly stole it right off the hook. At least to this day we assumed it was an otter. It was big and brown and sleek and thick and had eyes the size of quarters but we never saw it surface. Very cool and spooky thing to see. Despite that we continued to catch fish in that exact same spot right after that and we were catching fish right before as well.

    They are not predators for nothing, they know how to be subtle about what they do.

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    Congrats on the first Brown! Keep at it and you will start seeing feeding patterns etc. Pass can be tough at times, but the fish are usually in the obvious places....especially Brownies.
  7. Islander Steve

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    Great report and super fish. Funny you mentioned that you first thought you had a snag. My first brown at Pass was the same way.
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    That's a great fish! I've had really good luck out there on an olive and white clouser
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    nice catch! you probably ought to stick to cutties and bows in the future though, as it won't be easy to do much better than you just did with that fat brown (kinda like when you hit that half court 3 pointer). just kidding of course. the pix of the fish and the fly are greatly appreciated.
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    nice Brown
    nice Fly
  11. Trout Master Active Member

    A group of us met up at pass on friday, Jeff Bandy( tall dude) Islander, Rick Todd, Scott Salzer, Jamotomo, and myself . Also met mrcoachman at the launch, Anyway we all pretty much went our separate ways. I fished a varitiy of chronnies, with only two take downs and no fish for me. jamotomo caught 3 in three casts (bows) on a chronnie I had tied 4 or 6 years ago, well done Jamie. Rick Todd same as me no fish, Islander I dont think scored ethier. Bandy did ok and got some brownies, coachman scored a few also. We had a hot lunch meat loaf sandwiches with sauted onions with swiss cheese on french rolls. Water very cool at 40 deg. One throat sample taken by the Jamie showed very small blood worms at size 30. Good time meeting the ones i havent met. T.M.
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    You have to come up and fish for them to catch them Ed
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    Here is the tailgate lunch-yum!
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    I'm on the left. Looks like it as my day to fish with the wee little people.:rofl:
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    Jeff-you make everyone look like wee little people! Also, I'm the only one in the group who is 6' tall, and I'm taking the picture! And then there is Troutmaster, who isn't too heavy, just a little short for his weight! Rick
  16. Trout Master Active Member

  17. Islander Steve

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    But he makes a killer sandwich. :thumb::thumb:
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    That's a Damn nice Brownie!!! You will find yourself lowering your standards to constantly throwing streamers... And may even get the idea to try throwing a mouse... At that point it starts affecting your relationships, job, and other normal day-to-day functions...
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    I wondered WTF was wrong with me.