Pass Lake on Wednesday

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by fishAK, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. fishAK New Member

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    I'm finally going to fish pass lake. I hear it can be a frustrating lake, but I am up for the challange. Anyone have any reports from the last week or so? I hear that this is the time of year to fish it. Plan on using the usual lake fare(chrono, buggers, etc.). I am assuming this will work...wish me luck!
  2. Islander Steve

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    One of my buddies was there last week. Slaying them on chironomids.
  3. Hob northwest flyfisherman who lives in the desert

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    Fished it during the rainstorm on Saturday with a huge crowd. Most folks were fishing chronomids, although there was alot of surface feeding on what I wasn't too sure.:beathead: I did catch two though one of them a real lunker that I didn't net and get a measurement. Nothing trolling.... looks like most people were catching fish on chroni's. I may be there on Wednesday since the weather will be nicer and should see more casings in the water.

  4. Islander Steve

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    If it's not raining on Wed. I will head up there also. I'll be in the orange pontoon boat.
  5. Wayne Jordan Active Member

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    I might be up there as well...
  6. Dan Soltau New Member

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    I fished until dark last night in some cold rain with one tap on a deep bugger, i tried chrinos and multiple streamers with out a touch. But then again I have never had that much luck there. Good luck
  7. Josh dead in the water

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    Seems like I could meet half the board in person if I just drove 5 minutes to the Pass Lake parking lot a couple times over the next few weeks!
  8. Islander Steve

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    It's the hot spot right now. Come on down.
  9. bhudda heffe'

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    Dan were you smoking cigarettes:) j/k
    well hell i might show up too then. if so, ill be in a jw outfitters green pontoon.......smoking cigarettes:) lol
  10. Josh dead in the water

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    Ahhh, nice of you to say. But I don't think you guys want a straight-up greenhorn getting in your way. Give me a bit more time to learn without bothering anyone, then I'll be stoked to hang and shoot the s--t with folks.
  11. silver south paw

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    I was there on monday as well. It was fishing good from about 10am till about 1pm then it literally turned off. I left at 2:30 and hadn't seen anyone so much as set the hook the last 45 min I was out there. But all and all the fishing has been good with moments of great over the last two weeks. When you go think big chironos this time of year 10's and 8's in a variations of red, maroon, red-brown, and black.

    good luck
  12. yellowlab Active Member

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    I fished it on Saturday, had a great two hours from 10 to noon. Chirons under 13-15' of water. Excellent hatch coming off but it was dead from 2 on..prob. due to the dropped barometer and air temp, turned the hatch completely off. Good luck~