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  1. I was torn between Lone and Pass, but finally ended up at Pass because I said I'd help out the Bad-Dadio, I looked, but never found him, now I know why! I also looked for Jeff but once I got dialed in I didn't move much.

    I started the day out buy the orchard and dialed in a chironomid bite in 12 to 14 feet of water. Today they wanted a size 14 chromy, and they wanted it moving from about 9:00-11:00. After that they just wanted it deep and slightly twitched. The key also seemed to be adjusting depths and retrieves. I'd dial something in catch a couple, it would slow, and then I'd do it all over again. I never moved spots, just kept switching tactics. I ended up with 9 or 10 before the callibaetis hatch came off at 12:30. Tim assured me that I was not going to be sorry that I chose Pass. I wasn't.

    I started by throwing a Rickards callibaetis nymph and found willing fish right away, but I struggled to hook up consistently so I grabbed my already strung up dry fly rod and proceeded to land a couple right off and then I proceeded to break off a couple. Next I figured I could coax a few with the nymph under an indicator and that worked as well, bit not as well as fishing the nymph on an intermediate line, so I switched again... you get the picture, I kept switching between three rods and I would find fish on all three methods when the fish were actively working in the area. From 12:30-2:00 I probably landed 8 or 9 all over 17", with one of them being a brown. At two things slowed again so I decided to row around and get a feel for the lake.

    I stopped briefly by the rocks on the far shore and fished mids deep. I missed two hits and then kept rowing. I stopped just left of the big weed bed and picked up another fish on mids and then rowed over to the road side bank and sank mids and leeches deep and picked up two more. Then I trolled that shore line and picked up three more on a black leech before stopping at the far end opposite the orchard side. There I cast and retrieved the black leech and picked up two more before switching over to dries again. I ended up hooking two landing one and missing a few more before heading back to the launch end. On the way back, I missed three takes on the leech and landed two. I anchored off the weed bed and casting around with the leech the dries and some mids with only one hit so I decided to call it a day but while rowing to the launch fish were hitting the surface enough to cause me pause. I cast to them for awoke but only managed two takes, one of which about pulled the rod out of the boat when I had set it Dow right after a cast to put some things away.

    Good day, sorry I missed some of you on the water.
  2. Man it killed me not to make it. Things didn't work for me to go. Ugh. Sounds like I missed a good day. I was given a local hall pass today , as in as long as I didn't have to paybl for the ferry, so I headed out to cady. Fished from 8 to 4 for two to the boat and one lost. One of the fish was my first on a dry this season which was cool. Especially since a silver streak came from four feet under and launched two feet into the air to get it. Was awesome!.

    Ira you need to come fish cady some time. I think your vertical presentation skill would be just the ticket. Was anchored up in three spots with fish cruising all around me. I could watch them feed, and watch them come up and take something on the surface but not much love. A guy in a Scadden toon and I threw everything we had at em and just couldn't get em figured out. Great lake but man does it frustrate me.
  3. Here's one with a fly in its mouth.

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  4. Ira thanks for the lift down to the orchard yesterday. Glad to see you show up and thanks for those Rickards samples as well...saved my bacon once the surface got glassy.

    Yell if you're going up again any time soon. (Maybe we can watch Roy kick the crap out of the rockface again...he still ain't talkin')

  5. This was the first, and probably last, trip for my float tube! Discovered that almost anywhere on the lake was too far from the toilet. Next time it's my yak and a Gatorade bottle!!! At the lake for 7 hours but I was lucky if I got to spend 3 hours fishing.
    Had one take close to shore in the little bay to the left of the launch. Of course, I wasn't paying attention. Splash! No bobber, floating line has become a sinker, lift rod, bobber and fly, but no fish. :( Had a small orange bobber on and judging by the splash the fish could have taken it on the surface. Would have liked to see the take, though!!
  6. Sorry Ira - When I showed up at the launch there was nowhere to park my rig. I'd love to arrange another time to meet up so I can pick yer brain.

    As it ended up, I still had a hell of a time at Lone Lake. I caught a few, including a couple really nice ones. Went back on Sunday, caught a few more. Even though I was having some success, I couldn't help but feel like I could have been doing soooo much better if i just had a small clue as to what I was doing.

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