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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Dan Soltau, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. Dan Soltau

    Dan Soltau New Member

    I am heading to pass on sunday to go after some big dogs. I have a good idea on what to use but any advice is great. Maybe the yak, i am not sure. Taking recomendations.
  2. ceviche

    ceviche Active Member

    My best Pass Lake trout came on a size 16 (or 18) olive bead head hare's ear nymph. I saw some rises near shore and made a long cast in. It wasn't my usual tactic, but it seemed like the right thing at the moment. And it was!

    My other (limited experience) successes were on my favorite streamer pattern: the mottled marabou leech.

    Unless you plan on hitting the far-end of the lake (east), where it's deep, just bring intermediate and floating lines. Water is cooling, and the lake is mostly shallow.

    Tight Lines!
  3. Islander

    Islander Steve

    Muddler minnows and olive crystal buggers have worked best for me. Work them down along side the weed beds.
  4. Curtis

    Curtis New Member

    WIll be there tomorrow, saturday, will post a report upon return. Received some wonderful knowledge from fishboy, thanks again, sounds like it should work!
  5. smd

    smd New Member

    would a type 5 sinking line work or would a intermediate work better for pass lake. any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. ive used a type 5 airflo the last two times with no luck. thanks
  6. Islander

    Islander Steve

    I usually use an intermediate with a 7' leader. Working a muddler or BH bugger slow will keep you pretty deep. I am planning on going up there Tues.

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