Pass Lake

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Madison, Sep 28, 2002.

  1. Madison

    Madison New Member

    Anyone fished it in the last couple of weeks? If so, how is it fishing?
  2. Rob Blomquist

    Rob Blomquist Formerly Tight Loops

    FYI, the best spot to check this out, is in the reports area of

    I check on fishing there all the time.
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  3. redgibber

    redgibber New Member

    I collect the creel cards for the Fidalgo Fly Fishers. I can't say I have acually fished, but have been to the lake recently and talked with anglers. Fish taken on emergers in the evenings, and 'bugger type fies as always. The algae is still present fairly heavy, but is starting to break up. Although I think Pass is always a good bet, when the air sarts to cool, the fishing will turn on. Fall is the best time to fish Pass Lake. And remember to fill out the creel census, regardless of success. The future is yours!
  4. Leftwrap

    Leftwrap New Member

    As of yesterday (28 Sept), Pass Lake was still a green slimy mess. Can't keep it off your fly.
  5. Madison

    Madison New Member

    Thanks to everyone.