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  1. I took my wife up to Pass Lake this evening. I told her this would be her day for a big fish. (The biggest one she's caught so far was about a 13" cutthroat on the Joe...) After a couple hours the sun went down and the bats started coming out. I set her up with a twin fly setup and she started hooking fish left and right. She brought a few beefy rainbows in the 15-16" range before I switched rod setups with her. I caught a couple including 1 that was in the 18" Range.

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  2. Her smile says it all!

  3. That's great! Question: Do you have any idea of what the water temps were? I would think that Pass would be like bathwater this time of year. Regardless, nice fish!
  4. Awesome report.
  5. I don't know the exact temp, but it didn't seem that warm to me. From Everett there was a decent drop in air temperature. The water still felt on the coldish side, but that could just be me. After reading another thread about water temps I'm going to go out and get a stream thermometer.

  6. Pretty girls and shinny fish, ya gotta love it.
  7. Despite the warm water and increasing algae on the bottom, i still managed to land more then a few nice fish in a few hours there last night. #16 red bomber chiro was key. had to fish it alot shallower then i usually do there while constantly cleaning algae off the fly, but still plenty of action there to keep me happy :) Had to leave when the bats came out though.. they freak me out. your wife's braver then i am.
  8. pass gets warm by now, but when everett or seattle has a hot day look at the oak harbor temp. it's almost always a few degrees cooler and sometimes as much as 10 degrees less. pass also has some springs, so it's not as warm as one might think. sometimes i like to think about one of those bats hitting me on the back of the head and sliding down inside my shirt.:eek: how much fun would that be in a pontoon? how much more fun would it be in a float tube? i like hoodies.:thumb:
  9. I was running around Lake Padden in Bellingham one evening at dusk, the bats were feeding above, when wham! a bat miscaculated the size of its target and attached itself to my shoulder. I started screaming like a little girl and brushed the thing off. I dont know who was more scared, myself or the people that had just come around the corner down the trail to see a madman flaily wildly in the dimming evening light.
  10. My wife and I fished Pass this past Saturday in the am for a few hours. We were pretty busy with 4 really nice bows boated, lots of strikes and several LDR's 10-11:00 am, then it slowed. My wife boated an 18-20 incher. Didn't get the water temp, but I'll do that this week. Pass stays pretty cool subsurface. Sinking tip lines and green beadhead leeches worked well at a very slow troll. Funny thing about the bats stoires. I was throwing drys late one evening at Pass when the bats were starting to come out and one took my fly in mid-air. I was on a back cast and all the sudden my line felt like I snagged a bush. since I was out in the lake and away from the shoreline, it was a real surprise. There was just enough light that I saw some splashing behind me and there was a bat in the water at the end of my line. I was thinking, geeez now what do I do? I thought I'd have to cut the leader to keep the bat from getting too close (or on) to the boat and then it just unhooked itself and took off from the water like a float plane. Moral.......always, always use barbless hooks. Have fun out there.
  11. I was once stationed at the naval base there in Oak Harbor 20 years ago but never fish that lake not even once. Living here in the Bay Area now with no decent lake to fish nearby i wished that i knew a little bit better back then. I loved Washington state just because of the abundance of trout waters available. I caught my very first fish there in the Sauk River by accident on a fly rod. My buddy was teaching me how to cast for rainbows when a steelhead, probably in the 22" range decided the poorly placed offering was good enough for him. I was chasing after that fish for a while since i was only on a 6 weight rod and even dunked myself wet in a hole only to break the tippet when she was at arms length away from me. I look back to see my buddy rolling on the sand dying laughing. I was never been the same after that one fateful afternoon in the Cascades.
  12. I was stationed at Whidbey Island back in the late 80's and fished Pass Lake several times a week the whole time I was stationed there. I seem to remember Doc Spratley's and Matuka's being a fly of choice at the time. Nothing like the memory of hooking a healthy rainbow as it was getting dark, the fog had rolled in and the bow spinning my boat and I around in circles.
  13. A fellow squid on board! 20 years seemed like just yesterday don't you think? I recently visited Whidbey Island just 2 weeks ago with my family. There were 2 float tubers at the lake when i passed by although i thought of wetting a line i decided to fish the lakes east of Highway 20 instead. My son caught a 14" Dolly Varden at Ross Lake next to the bridge while i got skunked. I'm planning to a make another trip there sometimes in Dec. hopefully i get to taste the joy of landing a big one there i denied myself 20 years ago.
  14. We floated around in inflatable boats mostly back then. There's more than a few nice rods at the bottom of Pass Lake from a nice fish taking your fly while you were busy rowing and daydreaming. I stopped and took a look at the lake in 92 while on my honeymoon but didn't get to fish, looked the same as it always did.

  15. Nothing really change there from what i noticed, the lake is still tranquil-looking as always, the plaque at the Deception Pass bridge is still corroded and old, the small fish/shrimp stand is still there at the Y before the lake and downtown Oak Harbor is still the same.
    Is Pass Lake catch and release? How is the fishing there like during the month of December?
  16. Pass is catch and release. I'm not sure how it's like in December but I remember a winter back in... '82 or '83 that the whole thing froze over good enough to walk on.


  17. 1983 was the year i got stationed there and left in 1990. There must be an abundance of trout there considering its a C&R. Nice report there Scott. I hope to do the same when i return from my trip there.

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