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  1. Had the opportunity to get some fishing in over the last few days. Here is the reports I promised. Let start with Pass. Got on the lake at about 8am. Very little surface activity and getting chilly. Water temps were down a little bit but still have a ways to go. Lots of algae in the water on the surface as well as subsurface. At first I was a little skeptical considering the waters condition but heck I had driven 2 hours so hell or high water I was getting in there. Planned on throwing Chironomids and dries into the reeds but with visibility low I decided on a red sparkly leech with a small prince nymph dropper. Started hooking up immediately. Nothing big but lots of bright little bows. They had small bumps on them. Not like parasites but something else. Almost like it was their scales. Also were quite chunky. Fat little footballs so they must be eating well. They fought hard also. I stuck with that leech pattern and changed up droppers now and again. I worked the north end of the lake extensively. Managed to land 2 nice browns in the reeds. I had another hook up from what had to be a large brown. I didnt get a chance to see him but I damn near had my rod ripped from my hands before it shook the hook. Got one of them in the corner of the mouth and tore it a little. You can see a small amount of blood in the picture felt bad and made sure he had a good amount of time to recover. Luckily the water temps have gone down so that wasnt too much of a factor. All in all a good day. I would have liked to land a Bow over 8 inches but just didnt happen. I think I put 12 little guys in the net. The browns are definatly on the prowl this fall so break out the seasonal trophy patterns for a monster.
    IMG_0887.JPG IMG_0886.JPG IMG_0884.JPG
    I took a day off after and then hit Leach on Monday. If you plan to fish there again this season do it now because the temps are dropping quick.Outside air temp was 50 degrees at noon and water temps didnt rise above 48 degrees. The sun was shining most of the day but I never took my beanie off and my feet were numb the whole time. I need to get a pair of those battery heated socks. Fish was outstanding however despite temps. I got there at 9am and saw very little surface activity. Fish were lethargic the entire morning. I was able to sight fish quite a bit and the fish just werent interested. Very spooky as well. At about noon it started to improve and landed a nice Rainbow of just under 20". I was using a small Callibaetis lake pattern in orange and green from Montana Fly Co. This of course after multiple fly changes trying to get strikes. Once I figured it out I stuck with it all day. Ive had my ass kicked at leach several times. I find it to be challenging to figure out what they want. Did very well the rest of the day. Most fish came from out in the middle in the deeper water. However I did explore the very end of the lake. There is a small lagoon down there where the water is clear and calm even when its windy. I dont know why I never bothered to explore it in the past but Im glad I did. There are several fish hanging out in there and I had the opportunity to sight fish and cast to cruisers. Its awesome to see them react to your fly and then bolt over and snatch it. Great fun! That is my new favorite spot. Being stealthy is a must so bring your A game or all you will see is small clouds of dust. I ate lunch on the rocks and discovered its a frog breeding mecca down there! There were thousands of them all over everything it looked like the ground was moving. Im sure the fish down there were having a frog buffet on a daily basis. It was a great day in my opinion I went 7 for 12 with 3 Rainbows at 20 inches and 4 beautiful Brookies. The colors were absolutely amazing. Can anyone tell me why one has an orange belly while the other only has a silverish belly? Different strains maybe or male/female? Hope you enjoyed the pics and reports. IMG_0900.JPG IMG_0904.JPG IMG_0909.JPG IMG_0911.JPG
  2. Picture...? Nice report, but it needs the picture...;)
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  4. Thomas,
    Terrific report and awesome photos! Thanks for the detaed write up and I don't know the answer to your question of fish colors. I, like you, have theories, but...
  5. hmmmm, looks like im goin to leech!
  6. "Can anyone tell me why one has an orange belly while the other only has a silverish belly?"

    The orange-bellied fish is a male in full spawning colors. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Nice report with GREAT PICS!

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