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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Ryan Hieronymus, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Hey all! Just throwing it out there that I will be fishing Pass Lake tomorrow from about noon until my arm gets tired. I'm pretty inexperienced and have never really fished a lake before, but there's only one way to learn, right? If anyone on here will be out tomorrow I'd love to meet some of you! I'll be the punk kid in the blue float tube either flailing around like a chump or untangling a knot. Tight lines!
  2. Hey Ryan. I will keep an eye to say hi. Have fun tomorrow
  3. Ill be there also tomorrow morning
  4. Heading there April 14-15th. Been a couple of years and looking forward to it. Casting to the banks and stripping leeches have always scored for me. Gonna start with that and hopefully get a couple then switch over and see if I can do anything with something else just for a challenge.
  5. You should do well. I netted over 30 last weekend. Most fish were sitting on the bottom in about 14ft of water and deeper. Didn't see any holding mid water column till the evening hatch came off. Fish a type 4 or 5 sink and let it 80% out and troll. That will put you right on the fish. Stay till it starts getting dark and you will see the lake come alive with a strong midge hatch. Emergers will kill it. Good luck and watch out for the eagle ( let em have it he's hungry;) )
  6. Stripping the shore line was slow for me on Wednesday, one of the slowest days as of late. Only 5-6 fish to hand and nothing over 15" landed. The Chrony Boys were doing pretty good though. Most every boat had multiple fish throughout the day.
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  7. Ryan... Nice meeting you at the shift change today. Hope you found some willing trout.

    I shoved off around 8:30 this morning and wasted time trolling to the far side. Once there i anchored up next to two other wff members who were catching fish at a steady pace. They hinted small Chromie to me and I joined in the action. The good fishing lasted about 2 hours for me and then the lake went dead. At least I could not find a pattern that produced any regular results. Moved around a lot and left about 2pm.

    Once the fog burned off it was a bright warm day.
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  8. Jeff, fished picked up again around 4:00. Started nailing them again. Frustrating until we found the fish again. Best day I have had at the lake with 3 brown and the rest bows. Probably landed 40 to net and lost several others with many take downs.
  9. Jeff,

    Nice meeting you as well. Well, today was pretty frustrating for me. I hooked one trolling mid lake on a thin mint, was unable to land though. Spent the rest of the time trolling olive buggers, thin mints, and a 6 pack with no results. I'm really not sure what I should have been doing differently. I'm going to try chronies next time, but spending 4 hours on the lake with nothing to hand, while watching those around haul them in left and right is a little discouraging. I'm going to go back on either Tuesday or Thursday. I feel like I need a coach at this point! I don't know what I should be doing differently.
  10. I landed 9 with about two dozen misses and 5 or 6 unhook them self. Trolling a black crystal bugger. Fishing deep. Tried chronies but not much luck at that.was there from about 8 to 1230.
  11. Ryan
    Hang in there, read books and follow the board, this will help to speed the learning curve.

    Tim Lockhart, aka Ford Fenders on this forum, wrote a stillwater book that was recently published. Lots of good information in It's pages and FF unofficial office IS Pass Lk haha.

    Sorry I was so brief in our introduction. I was rushed to ensure a timely pick-up at the little league baseball practice.
  12. Caveman
    Fun day on the water and thanks for pulling me out of the south end for a change! You and Casey had it dialed and thanks for getting me on the hot pattern this morning.
  13. Ryan, the simplest way to get onto the chironomid fishing (in my opinion) is to go shallow and not deep with your chironomid pattern of choice. In other words, no deeper than your regular leader and even shallower, ie. 5-7 feet under your indicator. There is plenty of water where that depth works great. Along the northern shore is perfect as well as near the main point on the left leaving the launch. Thin black size fourteen or twelve and olive green with small white beads with red or silver ribbing, will get you into fish. Make it simple and you will have fun pretty quick.
  14. I've fished pass quite a bit. I've always done well with leach patterns either stripped or trolled. I was there last friday and holy shit I could not buy a fish if I was at the pike place market. I wouldnt say it was hot around me, but the chronie guys were landing fish consistantly.

    I will admidt i don't know what the hell im doing fishing a chronie, but i tried for 3 hours before I left. Nothing...i really have no clue how to fish that way, and it was really frusterating. I ended up going on the hike by the parking lot. 0 fish in 5 hours when others are catching = not that much fun.

    but the weather was great - so who am i to complain. now i just need to put out a craigslist ad for someone to teach me how to fish chronimids at pass!!! :)
  15. One good way to learn is to leave the leeches and buggers at home. Dedicate a entire day to chironomid fishing. April is a great month to learn due to the excellent hatches.
    If you see folks anchored up and catching fish, chat them up. Most folks you'll encounter are willing to help out.
    Whiskey always is a conversation starter. ;)

    That is how I got started. Some nice guys took pity on me at Dry Falls years ago. I had no clue what I was doing while chironomid fishing while they were hooking up on a consistant basis. A very humbling experience to say the least. One of the fellows gave me some flies and some direction on how to fish them and I started to hook up. I'm still not nearly as good at it as I'd like to be and still learn new things about chironomid fishing all the time.
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  16. thanks for the great advice everyone! I'm headed back out tomorrow and intend to devote most of my time to chironomid fishing, while trolling a 2 bugger rig in between spots. I'll bring a rain jacket, and let you all know how it goes! Thanks again.

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