Pass update?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Caveman, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. Anyone have a pass report at all.
  2. Fished yesterday for three hours, the whole time the birds were feeding right above the water. The water was 48 degrees and only caught two. Fished chironomides and caught two. The hatch was all over the lake so the fish might be spread out. Did see people catch a few but nobody was killing them.
  3. Where were you fishing? In the Bay.
  4. just inside the first point on the left and at the point on the left. windy and rain showers
  5. There is a report from today, with pictures of fish!
  6. this guy took a dry fly for me today -- first brown of my life which was a sweet experience.


    some guys put up good #'s today, 17 to the boat was the highest I heard. it was perfect out. no wind, sunny and warm.
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  7. Sounds to me like we have a new stillwater convert!
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  8. You've created a bobber watching fiend Ira!
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  9. Nice work GMan,
    You must have arrived later in the day because the weather was pretty wet in the morning.
    I wish I could have stayed longer as the weather was getting better in the afternoon.
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  10. Indeed. I golfed in the morning so I didn't get on the water until about 2:30 I'd say. Gonna post a report.

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