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  1. Skyler Evans

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    A buddy and i are going out float tubbing on pass lake if anyone wants to join on April 19th and 20th. Just send me a pm and i will give times.
  2. Donato

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    I fished last Fri with a friend. We also met a retired friend from work that was just getting in the water. Long story short. I caught 5 and lost 3. all 17-19in. My buddy caught 6. That the best we've ever done there, but then again I've only fished twice in the past. Our other friend who is a real good fisherman did not do well, He spent a lot of time chrono fishing with no luck. This was the first time I was able to out fish the Chrono guys. Most gave up. It was cold and rainy on Fri.
    I may go on Fri if the weather is good. Looks like wind on the east side so no 3 day trip for me.
  3. Skyler Evans

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    Starting late sat we should be having some beautiful weather for at least a week.
  4. Skyler Evans

    Skyler Evans Active Member

    Sorry for the late post its been hectic this week. But the first day we fished pass it was calm rainy and cold but we got into some nice fish in the 17in range. We caught about 4 a piece. We were trolling a black wolly bugger with red wire and a bead head i think it was called something seal. The second day was patialy cloudy but it was crazy windy. I was chrono fishing and i caught 2 18 in's with that. When the wind got really strong i started trolling a green wolly and i hit 3 between 17-19 in. My buddy refused to give up the dry fly till he caught one. He did about 3 hours into it lol. After that he hit another two with the troll. Black wolly with a red bead head. Overall really fun days out catching fish.

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  5. Stonefish

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    I talked to your buddy in the tube on Saturday. Nice work getting into some fish.
  6. Skyler Evans

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    Oh cool i did not think anyone showed up. He said you were using some kind of leach or something. I watched you kill it all day it seemed like lol.
  7. JohnB

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    Dang! I'm really looking forward to getting out there this spring.